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[Watch or Rewatch] [Season 6] ~

General information is looking at watching everything mainly over the next two years as a complete re-watch. Can either do 6 episodes a month in 4 months or 8 episodes in 3 months

Season 1 - September 1st to December 31st [2017]
Season 2 - January 1st to April 31st [2018]
Season 3 - May 1st to August 31 [2018]
Season 4 - September 1st to December 31st [2018]
Season 5 - January 1st to April 31st [2019]
Season 6 - May 31st to August 31st [2019]

What we are doing is this watch ON ALL ARROW RELATED BOARDS where all moderators have signed on. General plan is to this this rewatch where its 4 months per season. People can decide to do 6 or 8 episodes a month depending on if they want to do it in 3 or 4 months. The option is available for live watches which will be on the "home board" of Arrow with how its the shows actually board. Each board can decide to do their own watches but plan is to create activity among all the boards
Here's the index of where to find each board's watch thread and each OP has the season threads link where we can discuss the episodes as well we welcome everybody to check out each board related to characters as well as dynamics
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