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Board Closure

We (CohenGal and the_strawberry_girl) have been discussing this, and we are concerned about the longevity of this board. We’d like to hear peoples’ thoughts on the possibility of closing this board. Our post counts are regularly low and very close to the minimum, and we have very few regular posters. As you know, Fan Forum requires that we average at least 12 posts per day, with lower numbers than that leading to warnings and then possible closure of the board. We would prefer to go out under our own terms rather than be forced to close due to low post counts.

Please let us know what you think. We'd be glad to hear any suggestions or advice to renew interest here. Remember that to keep the board going, we need the commitment of a few regular, dedicated posters. As much as we love this board, please don't just post to "save" the board and then disappear again, because we'll be in the same position that we're in now if you do.

The Gilmore Girls board has a LG thread where people can share news and chat about Lauren, so that’s always a place for people to go. We do know this board has been important to a lot of people in the past, and this isn’t a decision we want to take lightly. We really do want to hear your thoughts and suggestions, and this should be a process that involves more than just the two of us, so please chime in.


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