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The Moon & The Stars {Karolina ♥ Nico} #5: "That is what Karolina is to Nico — she's the light of Nico's life."

karolina dean nico minoru


“Karolina’s always felt this way about Nico.

“That is what Karolina is to Nico — she’s the light of Nico’s life.

“The Karolina/Nico relationship is the emotional core of the show.


“It really felt like the stars aligned for these characters — that their love story would
become an indelible part of who they are and how they exist in the Marvel universe.”


the comics;

NICO MINORU ("Sister Grimm") is the daughter of dark wizards and a witch capable of manipulating magic and one of the original Runaways. She becomes the group's de facto leader and later briefly joins A Force, a female superhero group.

KAROLINA DEAN ("Lucy in the Sky") is the daughter of alien invaders and one of the original Runaways. She is a solar-powered alien known as a Majesdanian. She briefly was a part of Avengers Academy and later attended Ponoma college.

the show;

NICO MINORU is a goth Wiccan. She has the ability to use the Staff of One. Played by Lyrica Okano.

KAROLINA DEAN is an alien. Solar-powered, she has luminescent skin, the ability to fly, and can shoot beams of light. Played by Virginia Gardner.

“You've always seen the real me, Nico.”

“That's not true. I didn't always see ... I mean, for a long time, I was so confused
about myself that I couldn't see you clearly. I'm not confused anymore, Karrie.
I'm not scared! I know what I want. If you'll just give me another chance.”

01. Magnus Bane
02. fire for a heart
03. L i N d $ @ y
04. Artemis
05. One Thing Remains
06. Walt Reynolds
07. Rickylious
08. majesdane
09. kiss the wind
10. lisagslack14
11. LxieGrey
12. cherrypie12345
13. Can't Have You

01. "I'm not leaving you.
02. I've never fallen from quite this high, falling into your ocean eyes.
03. "Nico just looks at Karolina's face, thinking about ... how beautiful and sensitive Karolina is."
04. "No matter where we go, what the distance is between us, I will always come back to you."
05. "That is what Karolina is to Nico — she’s the light of Nico's life."


Official art done by Runaways artists Michael Ryan/Christina Strain & Kris Anka.
Lóù imé wèlá.
I love you.
you are my song.
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