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Originally Posted by ѕυρrємє ωιт¢н (View Post)
What?! Noooo. I don't want this board to close
I've just been a bit busy lately, but I will try to help out more. I really don't want this board to close, but if you really feel like you need to, then that's not my decision. I will still come by and help out. I'm hoping things on my end will be less chaotic within the next week or so.
Hey Jackie I know it's hard I hate to see it go but I'm preparing it now we don't have long til this season ends than it will drop back down to being super quite

And I know you are super busy and I understand that to

Originally Posted by LysCat (View Post)
I would prefer if this board didn't close, but I can understand why it would. It's been difficult this past year and it's really slowed down. Sadly, I think the gap year was simply too long for this show.
Hey yeah I know it sucks .. I understand RL is busy and yeah I feel that gab really killed the hype of the show and last season wasn't that great compared to season 4 ... and this season started slow but the last episode was great I thought k would have more discuss it with but yeah it's been super slow

Originally Posted by Midnight Radio (View Post)
Aw, thanks.
Yes, I’d be willing to head over to the Avengers board if this board is closed.
Nice if we close we got two options the tv board have a thread and avengers will have one.. to
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