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Originally Posted by yulan (View Post)
Hm, for me it was not his "poor guy" moment, but his ugly and unnecessary homophobic moment.
I don't think it was meant to be taken that way He was drunk and full of self-pity and obviously trying to hurt her in an attempt to hide his hurt.

It wasn't anything compared to Steve's behavior in that Season 4 episode where he was so obviously uncomfortable with being in a gay bar and tells Artie about that other guy being gay just to deflect the rumors himself.

The moments when I felt bad for him and totally took his side were when he was telling counsellor Arnold about Kelly and how hard it is to watch her self-destruction if you love her. He totally convinced me, and I guess I appreciate it more because Brandon is not a guy who flaunts his emotions around just like that.

An another moment when I felt for him was when Kelly gave him back the ring saying she cannot accept it and he nodded heavily, tossed it in the air frowning, and was ready to leave. He did not take it lightly emotionally, but he came to terms with it not wanting to show his emotions much. I was like, "Brandon, doooon't!" And it comes from somebody who's not a fan of Kelly, Brandon, or Kelly/Brandon.
Yeah I agree with both of these I loved how Brandon went above and beyond to save Kelly from the evil Professor, and hated how Dylan was basically trying to do a 180 and say "he's not actually that bad" like WOW

That moment when Brandon tries to leave when he thinks Kelly is gonna choose Dylan You can feel Brandon swallow that hurt, and to know that he might lose her to his best friend, that's just
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