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Good episode, definitely one of my favourites so far this season. I feel like it’s really going to ramp up now, heading into the second half of the season and I can’t wait!

Initial comments:

- Disappointed and a bit surprised at Murphy betraying Clarke and the others but it is in his nature at the end of the day, it seems. Saving himself at the expense of others ... he did try saving Bellamy but not hard enough.

- Bellamy’s trigger word being Monty’s name ... “Monty ... would have been disappointed in you.” So true.

- I feel like the only reason why Bellamy is shown to be submissive and accepting of his fate at the end of the episode is because he is hatching a plan (possibly with Madi in it too). They will be out for blood in the next episode, I feel. He just doesn’t trust Murphy (and possibly the others) enough to reveal his plan now.

- Abby is too easy to manipulate.

- Wow, Spacekru really doesn’t care for Clarke, huh? They were all sad looking and moody but really, the only emotion I feel is coming from Bellamy and surprisingly Gaia? Or that is probably also tied in with her relationship with Madi and her feeling bad for Madi, having lost her mother.
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