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Uuugghhh!!! YUCK!!!!!!!

I love Lanie and Kitty's friendship!!! Could someone please add me to the list? Thankin you!

I wanted to drop by this thread to say at the end of 7.15 - Lanie represented how many of us?!! It dawned on me today - "Lanie!! At the end - That was me throughout ep. 7.15!" Like the whole two weeks until I watched it with my friend I just couldn't shake being really worried about Kitty re: ep. 7.15! And then Lanie's line: "I was so worried" and their lovely hug!! She was me; Lanie!

You know what you guys? I just LOVE Kitty!!! Caskett are amazing!!! An amazing AMAZING couple but I looooooooooove Kitty!!!!!
I sent quite a gushy message to Stana on Instagram today lol...! That little video of her dancing and being all excited about Absentia; I was like 'Ooo it's like me every Tuesday!!!!' I said how I watched eps. 15 and 16 of S7 most recently and how I was so so glad Kitty was OK - like Lanie was! I think I put that in there too! I said how I don't live in the US so I can't watch GMA but hopefully I'll be able to find the interview on YT! Coz I watch Kastle every week on a Tuesday you see! I always look forward to Kastle Tuesdays and I do get excited about being able to watch a new ep. of Kastle!!! Always!!

Do we know in fact how Lanie and Kitty met? Leading to becoming firm friends! Did they meet on the job? Probably! Just thought I'd throw it out there.
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