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Originally Posted by Calgaryfan2006 (View Post)
I am doing very well. Last game was very close, Raptors lose by one point
Hi, Chrissy! I'm glad you're doing okay. Sorry the Raptors lost that game. Do they still have a chance to win?

Hi, Dave! I'm glad you're feeling better.

I really hope that Lauren comes back soon.

But they never did any series with Atwell, is the point, dragonfire. And it would be stupid for Marvel to never do another movie with Captain America. These characters have existed in the comics for 50 years. Do you think they're only gonna use them in movies for a couple of years that then retire them? And so what if the Mouse has X-Men and FF? What happens after the Mouse uses them up as well? Sooner or later we'll get a new Steve Rogers, a new Tony Stark, etc. That's inevitable. It all depends on when, not if.
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