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best friends and soulmates

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Woohoo, I loved this episode! Easily and definitely my favorite one of the season so far, and the only one I’ve chosen to rewatch at this point. Was it at a 4x13 level of perfection? No, but it was still really good. It was anchored once again by a strong performance from Eliza and even more so by a truly heart-wrenching performance from Bob. I am so proud to be a fan of such a talented husband and wife.

Bellamy: I think it’s safe to say that, in large part, my eagerness to rewatch this episode was because of Bellamy’s role in it. Throughout the whole episode, he was mourning. There were tears in his eyes and in his voice this entire time. (Seriously, his voice . . . just listen to it. It hurts my heart.) Can we just give Bob Morley all the awards for pulling off sadness so well? He probably has to cry more than anyone else on this show, and that’s really rare for a male character to do that. And man, Bob is so good. I cried along with him the second time around, too.

I didn’t notice it when I first watched because I was so focused on his face, but he really did trash that room. So that was anger. And we saw straight-up rage when he went after Russell. (Bellamy and his thing for strangling, I’ll tell you.) Oh, I loved that how he just went straight after him once he was cut free. I don’t want Bellamy to have to kill people again, but just knowing that he’s still got that in there gives me vintage Bellamy vibes, and I love it. As proud as I am of how far Bellamy has come, I love some heart-driven Bellamy. That’s the Bellamy I fell in love with. So this was great to see.

But the anger was only one aspect of him, of course. Then there was the intense sadness. I loved him speaking up for Clarke and trying to let Murphy know that she did care about him. Him basically having a moment where he didn’t really seem to care if he died, but then deciding to try to keep living (very reminiscent of season 4 when he decided to live in honor of her). Him telling Madi . . . oh, good lord, that scene was so sad. The music, the acting, the hug between them. And then the very next scene, where we see him out by himself, just crying and grieving alone. Which he probably often did up in space those six years. God.

Just because Bellamy had a return to his heart self in this episode doesn’t mean that he loses all rationality. And this is an area where they kind of let down Clarke’s characterization in season 5, by making her not think logically at all sometimes. As much as I loved his, “We kill them all,” idea and wanted it (because I want revenge for Clarke, too—we’re totally seeing the story through his eyes in this episode, and I love that), it’s not practical and not wise. They’re so outnumbered, and I really have no idea what they should do now. All I know is that I love him, and I feel for him, but at the same time, like one reviewer has said, His pain is our pleasure.

Also, Bellarke . . . it just makes sense now more than ever.

Clarke: Putting her next because my girl is still in there! Great ending to the episode, and it seems to have set up some really cool stuff for the next episode. How will that be explained? Can Clarke fight back against this because she’s not a real nightblood? Because she once had the damn flame in her mind? Or is she just that strong? (I know it’s kind of convenient if she’s just that strong, but at this point, I don’t really care, because I love and miss her and can’t stand the woman currently inhabiting her body.) It was very cool to see Clarke back on the Ark, in her season 1 get-up, with all those drawings. Where the hell was Finn, though? I know we were shown Abby and Lexa and Bellamy, and Madi was very obvious, too. Also spotted Murphy, Lincoln, Roan, Luna, and I think Jaha? Or was that Wells? I don’t know.

Lexa mentions here would make sense in the next episode, though I hope it’s not overdone. But I just love the fact that we were shown Bellamy’s drawing, once again comparing that relationship to a prior romantic one.

Can’t wait to see Eliza’s performance in the next episode!

Josephine: This sociopath . . . she’s a great villain, but I can’t stand her! She feels so Cage Wallace to me, with her dad as the Dante. It’s a credit to Eliza for making me hate Josephine so much. She’s smart as hell, I’ll give her that. Her manipulation of Abby was masterful but oh so cruel. Her willingness to let her own dad die was not surprising. Her decision to wipe away the Lee family was also not surprising. She kind of annoyed me in the flashback, but here, she’s evil. She’s drunk her own Kool-aid over the course of all these lifetimes and really does believe she’s a god. I want to see her taken DOWN.

Murphy: Oh, thoughts. Okay. Richard was great. It’s an interesting storyline, and I’m glad they’ve given him a solid storyline this season. However, with that being said . . . I’m disappointed! It’s not that it’s out of character for Murphy to want to survive. We all know that’s in character for him. But that’s not all there is to his character. He’s made a lot of growth and a lot of progression. I do like that he brought Russell in there in what seemed to be an attempt to save Bellamy, and he did get very alarmed when Josephine first told him she had Bellamy captured. But . . . Murphy, this is Bellamy. This is your leader, and this is somebody who considers you to be part of his family. I would have loved it if Murphy had tried to empathize with Bellamy a bit more, rather than trying to manipulate him to get him on his and Josie’s side. And is Murphy even sad that Clarke’s gone? Can he be sad for Bellamy, at least? For Abby, for whom he gave Josephine the information needed to manipulate? I don’t know. We’ll see where this goes, but I’d really love to see Murphy betray Josephine and earn some redemption for aligning with her in the first place. Right now, Clarke is closing the gap on his #2 spot on my favorites list. It’s a hard spot to overtake, but she’s within striking distance.

Madi: I can’t muster up a whole lot of interest for any storyline that goes along with the flame. It’s been an awful part of the story from season 4 onward, IMO. But Lola is a great little actress and is doing a good job with it. It’s pretty creepy. I just want Madi to be able to be a kid again. Lots of parallels between her and Bellamy in this episode, I noticed. The desire to kill them all, which the dark commander is now influencing her to act upon. They were both chained up, they both did some wreckage to the room they were in.

Gaia: Well, at least she’s banished. But I’m sure she’ll be back. Her only purpose in the storyline is the flame. Yawn. And I had to laugh when she talked about Becca’s “wisdom.” Yeah, right! The flame was NOT a wise idea, and why anyone chose to keep it around after the dark commander was put in there is a ****ing mystery. Just destroy the damn thing and be done with it once and for all!

Raven: Sigh. Oh, Raven. What are they doing to you? Her whole purpose this season has been to snap at others and act morally superior, and it’s driving me nuts. She’s not in my top 4 anymore. I’m not even sure how far she’s gonna fall, but it could be as far down as 7. I’m stunned. I never thought this would happen.

Look, it’s not out of character for Raven to be judgmental. She always has been. But it’s as if they’ve chosen to reduce her to that one character trait this season. She brought up some good points to Ryker, though I do think she may have done better to just listen to what he had to say, too, as he seems to be the only Prime so far who isn’t totally on board with all of this. Their scenes weren’t the ones that bothered me. It was that little line at the beginning when Josephine/Clarke said, “We’ve all done things we aren’t proud of to survive,” and she claimed, “I haven’t.” Like . . . WTF? Are you kidding me, Raven? You’ve killed people, too, either directly or indirectly. You were willing to turn Murphy in to the grounders to save Finn. You decided to withhold medicine from that little girl in 4x03. She may not have done the things Clarke or Bellamy or Octavia has done, but she’s not a ****ing saint, and she needs to stop talking about herself like she’s never done anything wrong.

Echo: Not needed for the storyline this week (all the Spacekru girls have this in common, actually). It was good that she went after Bellamy, but I don’t know what I’m supposed to be getting out of these scenes. Were we supposed to see that Echo is smart by piecing it together? We already knew she was smart. But it was weird how she got back and said, “What’s going on?” and then acted all surprised when Bellamy told her Clarke was dead. She already knew. I don’t get it.

Octavia: Not as big of a part in the episode this week, but she’ll have a big part to play in the story, it seems. This storyline is VERY out there. It’s not really my favorite type of storyline for the series (I like the more character-driven ones), but because she and Diyoza and Xavier have good chemistry as actors, I’m along for the ride.

Diyoza: Probably the one who’s anchoring that storyline the most for me right now. Ivana is just soooo good. There are some characters we can get rid of, because I do agree with what some others have said about how they’re struggling to fit everyone into the plot these days, but Diyoza is not one of them. With Raven’s fall from fandom grace, I think Diyoza might be the new most universally-liked character on this show? Her lines are great, Ivana’s acting is great, and she just makes me want to see more of her. Xavier is right that Diyoza wants to prevent Octavia from being on the same page in the history books as she is, and that really speaks highly of her, actually.

Xavier: I still don’t have much to say about him yet. Reminds me of Lincoln a bit with how he knows about herbal healing stuff. Idk.

Abby: I defended Abby’s storyline last season as being important, but this season, she’s getting on my nerves a lot. She’s totally dead-set on saving Kane, which I want her to be able to do, because I like Kane. And I understand why that would be her focus, because she loves him. But I can’t believe she’s not picking up on how many things are wrong with her “daughter” right now. This mother/daughter relationship leaves a lot to be desired. Honestly . . . if Abby were to no longer be on the show, it wouldn’t bother me. Sorry, Abby.

Stray Notes: Poor Luisa. She’s a good actress and plays a character who most people like seeing, but she’s so under-utilized.
The trees thing is weird.
No Jordan tonight felt kind of weird.
Dark commander is creepy but a bit OTT.
Russell’s wife (name?) is no better than her daughter.
I hope for redemption for Russell simply because I like JR Bourne.
The Monty mention hit just right emotionally, but could we get Harper’s name thrown in there, too, once in a while?

Episode MVP: Bellamy Blake without a doubt for me. He’s the reason I wanted to rewatch. His emotions were my emotions. His scenes were my favorites.

6x01: Bellamy?
6x02: Murphy
6x03: Clarke
6x04: Diyoza
6x05: Jordan
6x06: Bellamy

**** my mom said:

Mom asks me tons of questions about the Ark/Season 1
They kept emphasizing that they couldn’t bring Clarke back, and that got on my nerves, because I was like, “No, we better bring Clarke back because I can’t stand that other girl.”
When they showed Bellamy sitting outside there looking heartbroken . . . that was so good.
Bob and Eliza are soooo good! They have to play such serious roles. I wonder if Bob was thinking of how he would really feel if he lost Eliza.
I don’t understand what’s going on with Octavia.
I get a kick out of the pregnant woman—can never remember her name—with her, “Well, you’re not boring.” That character is awesome. Actress is so good.
They need to show Kane again. I do not want them putting him in someone else’s body. We need him back on the show.
I wonder what Madi’s going to do now.
I like the way it ended, because I saw Clarke, and I was so happy. We need. Clarke. Back. I have always liked her.

@ my mom being a huge Clarke stan.
Oh, and she also guessed it right away when I told her that Bob got married. She knew it was to Eliza.

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