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Originally Posted by scribere (View Post)
I agree with you on those parts! (I think Bellamys Reaction is a way of showing how he has changed with Time). I know what you mean with Clarkes Character, although i dont have a Problem with it. Your Words reminded me of Season 1 when Finn and Octavia where having Fun in the water and she was like "we have no Time for this, Keep going!" I knew Eliza could Play such a typical fun character, because i have seen her in her romantic Comedy Movie on Netflix.

Agree on the Characters too, that was something i noticed too, more so with thinking About the Episode. Besides Bellamy, everyone was just Standing there Looking sad, but "okay, coo, can we move on to the Episode where we bring her back now?" There was no big emotional fall out, no big Action, just Standing there making sad Faces. (Where are Miller and Jackson btw? I completely forgot they existed until this very Moment)
I don't think it's Bellamy changing with time. He was still really tough and fiery until right before this episode. Like how his initial reaction to realizing Clarke had been body-snatched was not to sit down and cry. He physically got up in Josephine's face. But then in this episode, very shortly afterwards, he's acting completely incongruous and not like himself.

It's like they're forcing the plot into the direction they want and changing Bellamy and the other characters to fit. The show has always been plot-driven, but I feel like this in this season it got much worse and more obvious. Like how they've been writing characters out of episodes and certain scenes to get away with dubious plot points. If Echo, Raven, and Emori had been around last episode, it would have just been that much harder to believe that they (Echo the spy, especially) wouldn't have figured out about Josephine a lot faster. Or how they had Raven go back into space with Abby this week so that she wouldn't be around when everyone decided to cooperate with the Primes. Because you know Raven wouldn't have stood for that. And, like you said, where are Jackson and Miller? And Jordan was missing too.

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