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It's interesting about Eliza's acting... I have to admit that I have always found Clarke's characterization to be uptight and boring. Like how Toni always makes the "no fun" joke about Clarke in her recaps and it's even been directly lamp-shaded on the show a few times (that time Jasper hilariously pied her in the face jumps out at me.) But now that Eliza is portraying Josephine, she's proving that she can really pull off this vibrant personality and it's got me wondering who chose to make Clarke such a bummer for all these years. And why? Is it a directorial choice? Like the directors have all been sitting there saying, "Eliza, can you please just furrow your brow and pout a little harder?"

But speaking of weird acting/choices, i don't feel like they did Bellamy justice in this episode. If this was supposed to be some great return to the "old" emotional Bellamy, I think it really missed the mark. Back in the day, Bellamy's "heart" was more of a brave, impulsive kind of thing. I think that the old Bellamy would have been more determined and angry about wanting to fight the Primes. He definitely wouldn't have just melted and given in to their deal in this weepy way. And it's not even like this is the first time he has believed that Clarke is dead. He thought Octavia was dead at one point. He did not react this way to those instances. But for some reason this time it feels like he was impotently angry about it for a minute, and then he just gave up and cried a lot. I don't think any of these characters (except Murphy) would be so passive right now. I think it's really disappointing and I'm gonna go ahead and say that I'm not sure the new writers are getting these characters right.

Like for example, I don't believe Monty would have agreed with Murphy that going along with the Primes' evil bull**** would have been how they "do better." All you really have to do is look at Jordan. He was raised with Monty and Harper's values and you know he's gonna be pissed. His moral compass in intact. Monty wouldn't have said "let's kill them all" like Bellamy, but he wouldn't have capitulated like this either. He would have found a more clever way to resist.

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