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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising (View Post)

How is Peggy a fan favorite, dragonfire? Her show got cancelled after two seasons.

I'm not saying the emotional part of the ending is stupid, I'm saying that Steve showing up an old man is stupid because he doesn't age, dragonfire. Super Solder keeps him young indefinitely. He could live for 500 years. And slowing down would still mean he'd outlive Peggy. Besides, the next guy who plays Steve Rogers will probably end up with Sharon Carter anyway, because the MCU can't remain static. These characters are timeless and have been in the comics for 50 years, so I cannot believe that they'd just end Steve's storyline like this and never tell his story again(or Tony's, for that matter. Or Hank and Janet's.)
I said MCU Peggy is a fan favorite, and I could be wrong but I think ABC canceled it so they could put Atwell in a modern show, and Marvel revealed something about AC being set in the 40s was expensive for the budget. Ok, but if the Mouse wants Steve to age into an old man, then he will age into an old man. Ironically I believe the Mouse can do that. Especially now that the Mouse owns the X-Men, F4, and of course Deadpool.
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