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Today we all decided that we would go the concert because it was the first one everybody agreed to. And then the boys decided they wanted to go to the theme party and look for the best fan to bring to the concert for a new song that they have. Nick wanted to sing along with Miley and Taylor because they are his friends and are very important to him. The monsters were always going to be looking at the boys and try to follow them to the tour and with everyone going to bed and then everyone wanted a big snack for the bedroom that they will watch themselves on tv today. And Nick was the one who wanted to sing along till Joe goes to the stage and starts setting up for the big show. Today was the release of the new album so everybody was very excited about it and see about the day that everyone cheered for the tour and was very keen and seeing them standing on stage to perform their new album. On the first day everyone was super excited about their new album because it has far the best songs
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