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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising (View Post)

No, she isn't, dragonfire. Marvel Studios are the only ones who give a damn about Peggy Carter. Comic book fans could care less about her because they love Sharon Carter. And MCU fans obviously didn't care for the Agent Carter series, so who cares? She's forever trapped in the 1940s, so Steve can't be with her. No, dragonfire, Steve Rogers does not go back in time to the 1940s to be with Peggy in the comics, and that's a stupid thing to do. It's also stupid because the Super Soldier serum prevents him from aging, so he shouldn't have grown old at all. I just hope that one day Feige is gone and someone takes over the MCU who actually knows what he's doing.

Yep, I'm gonna try to catch Toy Story 4 when I can.
That's not true MCU Peggy is a fan favorite character. I think MCU fans did care for it, but S2 caused it to go downhill. It's not stupid it's a well deserved beautiful emotional satisfying happily ever after ending. I could be wrong but I think in the MCU the serum like slows down his aging not stop it. Ok.
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