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Oh!! Is that why!! Huh!! Well the first time we saw Kitty - felt like it'd been fooooreeeever I turned to my friend and said "I don't know if I feel better or worse now!"

So Stana and the Neiman actress filmed in Milan?! I'm a little confused!

Well there was just enough Kitty in 7.15! And especially at the end!!! My new fav line "I open my eyes and look at you!" BEAUTIFUL!!!! In context it was even better!!!!! And that music is really beautiful too in that last scene!!!

S7 has a lot of good ending scenes!! Before my fav was 7.07 but really 7.06!! Lol!! I mean come ON!!! So my top three endings are now 7.06, 7.15, 7.07!!!

I might write more a lil later in time but yeah... That's me for now!
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