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Syd started to look for Nadia, who was invited over to her baking session, because she wanted a girls night in. Once they chose what they were baking, Nadia added her favourite chocolate bar to their mix of cookies. After they tested the new batch, they decided it would be good to go out and see a movie. They went along to the cinema and decided on seeing Star Wars which wasn't what they were originally after but was the right choice considering that they could see hundreds of boring pigeons at the theatre. After they left, they wanted to eat hot chilli and chips, but couldn't find a restaurant that was open at night. Once they finally found a place to eat, they ordered pizza from Joe's, who knew that they were usually very busy without the extra fake identity. They finished ordering their toppings and waited for the main course of their order, when a dance group that was the main attraction. This turned around into musical chairs which sucked. After Nadia decided it was time to leave the restaurant and go home, Sydney got the call to go back home to Jack, who had been looking for a way to go home to his own house. Once they got there, Jack was greeted with flowers and a cake for his birthday. After celebrating, he got
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