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Originally Posted by Make Them Laugh (View Post)
Alex.... Golden State has 5 all stars and has won the championshp the past 2 years... Americas wont an underdog to win
Oh, the Golden State Warriors? Okay, I guess that's why people want the Raptors to win. I don't follow NBA basketball, though. But I understand.

It rained all day here today, Dave. I hope the weather is better for you.

Only two more days until my vacation.

Originally Posted by dragonfire (View Post)
Maybe. You know I wonder if maybe he'll try to tie Peggy to the X-Men&F4? That it is, and if you do hope you enjoy it.
Oh, FML, dragonfire, can they just let the bitch stay dead already? No one cares about Peggy Carter other than the asss at Marvel Studios.

I hope I do too. Too bad it doesn't come out during my vacation.
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