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Originally Posted by Jerry D (View Post)
From the last thread, I feel that it’s ironic that in making Joey the IT Girl that no mere mortal could resist, they actually made her into a horrible character who the audience couldn’t relate to, and I don’t think they ever realized how they built up someone who was totally self-absorbed and heedless of the feelings of the people who cared about her into this “Goddess” (Pacey’s words) that everyone on the show blindly worshiped.
I couldn’t believe they had Pacey call her that. How absolutely ridiculous. Did anyone... writers, producers, directors, show-runners not have some bizarre crush on Katie? I absolutely don’t get it. I don’t even think back in the day she was that beautiful. Cute? Yes. She certainly didn’t have the all natural beautiful looks (we see that now as she’s gotten older). Either way, there was no reason for the obsession.

Why do you think TPTB went there? Was it to sell a brand? I wonder if they realized what they did to the character of Joey by going there.
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