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the premier was a lot of fun. I got there early with my friends because they didn't have tickets. When the cast got there Shiri walked by me and remembered me from the previous times I had met her and said hello, and then went inside and I talked to her more in there.

The movie was really cute. It wasn't anything like I had expected. Alexis didn't say anything during the Q&A, but I went up to her afterwards because my friend absolutely loves her and I asked if she would take a picture with my friend, which she did, but she didn't seem too happy about it. I don't want to rain on your parades but she wasn't very nice, which really disappointed me. She almost seemed like she felt she was better than everyone else there. Maybe she just wasn't having a good day, I don't know, but she just kinda rubbed me the wrong way.

Overall though, the premier was tons of fun! You guys would really enjoy the movie.
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