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Originally Posted by TL22 (View Post)
Yes, I see that, and you got it right, LOL

But I really don't know who is more obnoxious.
I was going to ask you this question.

If you watched the four episode on Netflix you'll see she will eventually wind up with rJess; as Dean and Logan are married .

Being a bit ****ty she has no idea who the father is, her boyfriend, a random one night stand, or Logan

The last scene is Jess looking through the diner window like a lost puppy as Rory tells Luke and Lorelai that Jess no longer has feelings for her

Since the diner was given to Jess the show has done a complete 360. An unmarried woman with child, flirting with diner owner.
Indeed. I saw the four episodes on Netflix. I thought it was really obvious she would end up with Jess. I think if additional episodes happen in the future that is precisely what will happen, it will become official.

I liked the ending where she wound up with none of the guys. The way Joey should have ended up.
I really wish that would have been Joey’s ending. It was by far the best ending for her. The viewers could imagine what would happen next.
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