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So the only reason they had Daenerys come back to Westeros was not because to rule as Queen or visit her ancestral home or meet her last living family but to fight Night King and kill people like Cersei and Varys to make way for House Starks without them getting their hand dirty in the process.

They literally used her, her dragons and her armies to fight the war of Westeros, made her villain out of nowhere and had her lover kill her when she is most vulnerable, when she thought he loved her.

Now that all the major villains are out of the line what they did? Killed Dany the first chance they got and funny enough Tyrion who was ready to give Cersei her nth chance even after all the horrible things she had done, was manipulating Jon to kill her.

Her dragons? Two of them are dead and third flew away with her mother’s dead body with no closure whatsoever.

Her army? Well now the war is over no need to stay in Westeros anymore, so they are now leaving, convenient enough, right?

So going by the show, her only purpose was to take all the hard hitting bullets of criticism and at the same time keep clearing way for them to rule after her.

She should have stayed out of the war and chill in Essos with her people. Have NK kill everyone in the Westeros it’s what they deserve. They didn’t deserve her.
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