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Hi, dragonfire!

What happened is that Dan Slott ended up getting death threats when he made it seem like Peter Parker had died after Doctor Octopus' mind switched bodies with Peter's, and it seemed like Peter had died when Doctor Octopus' aged and decrepit body died, leaving Otto's mind in Peter's body. Turns out Peter's mind managed to get back into his own body, but stuck in a corner of his brain while Otto was in charge, and it took a while for Peter to get control of his body back. But Dan Slott himself felt like he needed to go into hiding afterwards.

I didn't even think of OUAT, but yeah, I do think that Riverdale has the potential to make the same mistakes. And I didn't know they had spinoff TV specials after TS3. That's nice to know.

Yeah, I heard, dragonfire. I thought Disney was gonna start its own streaming service, and now they have Hulu? I don't like this, dragonfire. I hate it whenever any company gets that big because typically something bad happens and they end up having to get broken up. I don't like it when Disney or any company gets too big.
I see. Yeah, I think they did stuff like that to continue the franchise without making another sequel until now. The Mouse reigns supreme. Now onto the RD S3 finale. OMG! OMG! OMG! YES! YES! YES! Finally! I'm so extremely happy! One more time YES!!!!!!!!!!
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