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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising (View Post)
Well, let's just say that Steve isn't a father in the comics either.

Oh, I think early 30s might be a bit much, dragonfire. He'd have to be in his 20s.

Well, I'd prefer that Riverdale refrain from the soapy stuff because I prefer it when it stick to its film noir roots. I hope we get some resolution with both Hiram and Hal.

Full circle, huh? So where would Buzz go? Let me know how it ends, okay?

Well, the fact that Sony partly owns Spider-Man is another reason for a multiverse.
But doesn't what happens in the MCU affects the comics as well? So the Mouse could do that in the comics. Falice's Son is Bughead's Brother so it's already soapy. Hopefully. I'm thinking Buzz stays with the other toys and is their new leader. See I think TS4 could be like Woody's swan song/goodbye. Like it's time for him to ride off into sunset etc, etc. I'll. They already got an animated multiverse.
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