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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising (View Post)

I got your PM, dragonfire. And it still doesn't make sense to me for the same reason that Hawkeye's storyline makes no sense to me.

Oh, you think so? How old could he be? But him getting with Gladys, his dad's ex, is totally okay with you? And I don't remember if Hal and Hiram were friends in High School. Well, I hope all the couples reunite, dragonfire.

Why do you think that Woody and Buzz would go their separate ways? That would be really depressing. Well, I do think that the multiverse is true because if the Mouse wants to keep making money he's gonna have to do this over again, although differently. But no MCU talk.

Well, it does to me. Also it is my favorite MCU couple/ship as well. Well, ain't FP 50? So their Son would be like maybe late 20's early 30's? No, but knowing this show I wouldn't be surprised if they did that for some soapy drama. I think they might have been, and me too. Maybe to bring it full circle? Also, I think they might be giving the possible hints/clues in the trailer. TBF FFH is like half Sony.
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