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YAY!!!!!!! Thanks bella amiga!!!

Ooo!! Is it? It's the only one I've seen so far! I'd quite like to see Lost In Florence I think but after Kastle's finished! My Mum's name is Rachel hehe!! The subtitles did annoy me though! Couldn't remove them. I'm a lil bit of a language buff so sometimes I'd find myself focussing on the subtitles instaed of focussing on the story. Whoops!

Haha!! Really?! She's so great!!! Yes!! Pretty preeeetty smile!!!

I think Kitty's been my fav in ep. 3 so far (S7)!! So cute and coy and always answering the darn phone but so cute about it hehe!! And we got a "blow the hair out of her face" moment hehe!

In ep. 2 though she was so supportive and loving!!! I love the moment in the precinct just after they'd watched Richard's video message!! And when they were gonna share a kiss instead of a crazy theory... the lead up was lovely!!! #getusedtointerruption #never #likeever My biggest thing about that ep. is the end I think! Loooved before!! Looove the end but when Rick said "Let's just get married tomorrow". I was like 'It can't be a solution!!!' Kitty basically said that but she was incredibly loving and supportive and sweet about it!!

ETA: The quote??? Aaaarrrggghhhh!!!! Is it from the 70s ep? It's not from that one. I waaaanna say there was someone in hospital and when Kitty said the line she threw her other half a look?? Soooo baaad. It's a good quote for Kastle overall really that hehehe!!
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