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Second Chances xx [Chapter 3]
[Updated: 04/19/19]

“So, what did you want to talk about?” Andy asked Ephram when they got to the bottom of the mountain.
“Can’t we just take a walk around Everwood without there needing to be something to talk about?”
“Come on Ephram, we’ve never just ‘walked’ and not talked about anything. You’ve been gone for ten years, we have a lot to talk about.”
Ephram cleared his throat. “Amy.”
“I figured. What’s going on with you two?”
“I want her back.”
“Are you sure she feels the same way?”
Ephram’s mind flashed back to the last two nights in Amy’s apartment, he smiled. “Yeah, I know she does.”
“Then I don’t see what the holdup is. If you don’t have doubts and you’re sure Amy doesn’t have any doubts.”
“But what if I’m wrong, dad? I asked her to go to New York with me and she stayed in Everwood.”
Andy paused, then responded. “Yeah, you told me that before.”
“It was actually a little embarrassing.” Ephram’s face fell. “I even got her a plane ticket and everything and she still said no. I felt like everyone was giving me looks as they were stuffed in their seats and I had an empty one.”
“Do you know why?”
“She was afraid of leaving everything she’s ever known. She was afraid of what would happen when getting to New York. I don’t know dad, it’s just that hole in my heart, that aching feeling.”
“Ephram, what did you feel like when you left New York and moved to a town called, Everwood.”
“Honestly.” He saw his father’s nod of approval. “I was pissed.”
“And maybe a little scared.”
“Yeah, because mom had just died and we were, well, we were…us. It was…”
“A different world.”
Ephram nodded. “Yeah, I get what you’re saying.”

Andy and Ephram turned a corner and started to circle their way back to town.

“How have the last two days been?”
“Amazing, it’s like I never left and we never spent a day a part.”
“I think you have your answer, son.” Andy patted Ephram on the back.
“I can’t lose her again.”

Andy stopped Ephram and signed before speaking.

“Ephram, I have had the chance to love two amazing women in my life. One that I took for granted and one that I cherish every day. Don’t make the same mistakes I did with your mother. You love Amy, let her know. Let her know how you feel and that she is the only one you want to be with. You have a second chance with the woman that you love and I wouldn’t think of any person who would give that up.”
“Do you think if things were different between you and mom, that.” Ephram sighed. “I don’t know, we would still be in New York?”
“I don’t know.” Andy shrugged. “I know that I got a chance to start over with a wonderful woman. You have a second chance, with the same person, Ephram, don’t waste it.”
“Look, dad, I know I wasn’t a huge supporter of you and mom together.” He saw Andy nod. “But I now know how much you loved her and she loved you.”
“It took me a long time to realize that too, and I was too late.”
“I don’t want it to be too late.”
“Timing is everything.”
“When did you know it was the right time to ask mom to marry you?”

“What are you trying to ask me, Ephram?”
“Can I have mom’s engagement ring?”
“Wait, we were just talking about if you should take a chance with Amy, that you are unsure about how she feels about you and if coming back here was the right move.”
“Yeah, kind of wild isn’t it?” Ephram let out a chuckle.
Andy frowned, thinking about his answer before speaking. “I can’t give you the ring, Ephram.”
“Why not? You told me that ring was mine when I find the right girl, I found the right girl.”
“Ephram, not even five minutes ago you were feeling a hole in your heart and weren’t sure if you should have a second chance with Amy. You show me that you are ready to step up and marry Amy and be her husband and the ring is yours.”
“So it’s like that? I’m having to prove myself?” Ephram heard his own voice go louder.
“Every man has to prove himself to the woman that he loves. I don’t think you’ve done that yet.”
“What do I have to do to remind Amy that we are meant to be together?”

“You’ve spent an amazing time together recently…remind her of that. Don’t let her forget.”

The day had finally arrived. Delia looked at herself in the mirror. She couldn’t believe it, the day was finally here. She was going through all the moments that led up to this day. Picking out the dress, setting all the little details, picking out the venue. No matter how big or small, it was all worth it.

“My baby girl is getting married….” Delia felt her body go hold thinking about her mother’s voice. “Mom?” Her breathing labored.
“Yeah, honey, I’m here.” Julia placed her arm around her back, staring at them together in the mirror.
“How are you here?”
“I’m always here. I can be with you, right here, right when you need me the most.”
Delia didn’t care of her mom was real, she just started to speak. “Can I do this? Can I be a wife and a mother? We didn’t have enough time to really talk about these things.”
“No, darling daughter, we didn’t. But that is what makes you and Nina’s relationship so special. She is there for you, in those moments when you need a mom.”
“I’m sorry.” Delia started to cry, grabbing a tissue to not ruin her makeup. “I’ve spent so much time with Nina that I sometimes forget that you were really here….that she didn’t give birth to me.”
“Oh, honey, you were so young when I died. I’m glad you think of Nina as your mother, in every way. I’m sure she’s honored to be in your life that way. That doesn’t take away the time we shared and that I will always be your mother. Your mind may forget, but your heart always remembers.”
“Thanks, mom.” Delia placed her head against Julia’s just as Nina stood beside her. “Oh, Nina, hey.”
“You know you can call me mom if you want to, I’m not saying you have to. I just want you to know that we will always have that relationship and I would never try to take your mother’s place.” Nina was fidgeting, sometimes wondering, especially on this day, if she was ever overstepping.
“I know and I think she knows.”

“Of course she does. Julia Brown knew everything.”
“She always knew what Ephram was doing before he thought about doing it.”
“Well, Ephram is fairly predictable.”
“Very true.”
“Speaking of Ephram, where’s Amy?”
“She’s in the bathroom.”
“No, she came out and then went back in again. I guess she’s not feeling well or something.”

Nina knocked on the door. “Amy, it’s Nina. Are you okay, honey?”
The knob jiggled and finally Amy was able to open the door. “Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just so warm in here and I think I got dizzy.”
“But you’re okay now, right?”
“Yeah, peachy.” Amy gave a weak smile. “I guess it’s time to go, huh?”
“Yep. Is Andy waiting for you at the altar?”
Delia nodded, “I thought he was going to meet us here?”

A knock at the door sounded.

Nina opened the door to Andy having a big smile on his face. “I have been asked to escort a very beautiful woman known as my daughter down the aisle.”
“It’s time,” Delia squealed and picked up her dress.
Nina closed the door putting her and Amy alone in the room. “Have you and Ephram been careful?”
“About what?”
Nina had a very motherly angry look. “Amy…”
“Yes…” Amy rolled her eyes. “Most of the time.”

“Most of the time!? You are dizzy, sweating, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out something is going on.”
“Today is all about Delia, we should go meet her and Andy out there before she suspects something is going on, which there isn’t.”
Nina eyed Amy. “Alright, that response will have to do for now.”
“Thanks…mom!” Amy let out the nervous laugh she was holding.

“I now pronounce you…man and wife. You may kiss her bride.”

Delia and Adam shared a kiss and walked down the aisle holding hands.

Amy and Ephram linked arms slowly walking down the aisle. “Delia’s vows were so beautiful.”
“Yeah, they were.” Ephram looked at Amy. “You feeling okay?”
“Yeah, why? Everyone keeps asking me that.”
“You just look…not like Amy.”
“I’m still Amy, nothing has changed.”
“Okay, let me know if it does.” He kissed her forehead.
“I will.” Amy smiled at him as they walked out to the reception hall.

All the girls crowded in the middle of the floor behind Delia. She was so nervous about throwing the bouquet over the crowd and having it land in someone’s dinner. Delia took caution to the wind and tossed the bouquet behind her head. She heard everyone gasp and a sound like someone had fallen over. She turned around and saw everyone, including Ephram, surrounding Amy who was unconscious.

“Amy…” Ephram felt her arm for a pulse and then looked up to see Andy coming towards them, kneeling down to Amy instantly. “She said she was fine, but I knew something was wrong.”
Andy checked her pulse. “It’s faint, but it’s there. Someone call an ambulance.”
Ephram looked at his dad for answers. “What’s wrong with her?”
“I don’t know, son.” Andy said in between giving Amy CPR and doing chest compressions. “When was the last time she ate?”
“This morning, we had breakfast. She said she was starving, so we ate at a restaurant nearby.”
“You said you noticed there was something wrong today, what about the days before?”
“She’s been fine, she’s been…Amy.”

It’s been hours since Amy was taken to the hospital from the reception. No one has been told anything. It was a very quiet waiting room until Delia and Adam walked in, Delia still wearing her gown.

“You’re supposed to be on a flight in wedded bliss to Italy.”
“But my sister is here.” Delia said right before she ran over and hugged Ephram. “How is she?”
“We don’t know. We’re just sitting here, waiting and trying not to lose it.”
“Amy will be okay.” Rose came over to Delia, wrapping her arm around her. “Come over and sit with us, maybe you can tell Harold what the real flavor of the cake was. I say butter cream, he says cream….”

A while later, Ephram had just gotten back from getting a soda. They recognized the doctor walking towards them.

“Dr. and Mrs. Abbott.” The physician spoke first.
“Yes, sir, I’m Harold Abbott and this is my wife, Rose, we’re Amy’s parents.”
“Do you mind if we talk privately?”
“Sir, these people are all her family.” Everyone nodded at Harold’s statement.
“Yes, but this is something that I don’t think Amy would like everyone to know…”
“What happened?” Ephram stepped up, standing to the left of Harold.
“We don’t know, we’re going to talk to the doctor….”

Ephram couldn’t have felt more shut out than he did at that moment. He was with Amy every step of the way since they left the reception. Now he was in the waiting room just like everyone else.

The doctor began. “Do you know if Amy is in an intimate relationship with anyone, romantically?”
“She’s been spending some time with Ephram Brown and they were in a relationship some years ago, in high school. I don’t know about now.”
“What Amy had was an ectopic pregnancy.” The doctor spoke straight to Harold and then looked at Rose. “The ovary releases an egg which is supposed to fertilize and implant in the uterus, but unfortunately, in Amy’s case, the process didn’t complete.”

The doctor paused, waiting for that information to sink in.

“Does she know?” Harold interrupted the silence.
“Yes, she does. We did emergency surgery and when she woke up in the recovery room, the nurse told her.”
“Wait, why didn’t you give the father of the baby that opportunity, or at least her family. She didn’t need to hear it from a nurse, someone she doesn’t even know.”
“Amy was asking what was going on, she was confused. We cannot lie to our patients, Doctor Abbott. We had to tell her something and we chose the truth. I stand by the nurse’s decision.”
“Yes, of course, I’m sorry. Is Amy awake now?”
“Yes, she is. She is very weak, very tired. I want to keep her here for a few days to monitor her. Right now she’s doing okay.”

Harold and Rose held hands as they walked into Amy’s room, mentally preparing themselves for anything.

Amy saw her parents walk in, she smiled as best as she could, feel as happy as she could be. “Hi mom, hi dad.”
‘Hi sweetheart, how are you feeling?” Rose sat on the bed beside Amy, holding her hand.
“I feel better than I did a few hours ago.”
Rose hesitated before asking her next question. “Did you know?”

“That I was pregnant?” She saw her mother nod. “No, I didn’t. Hindsight, yeah, I should have known.”
“The doctor said you’re going to be just fine.” Harold sat in a chair on the other side of the bed.
Amy wiped away tears that were about to fall. “Is Ephram here?”
“Yes, he’s in the waiting room. He rode in the ambulance with you.”
“Does he know?”
“No, he doesn’t. The doctor told us in private.” Harold stated. “Did you want to see him?”
Amy sighed heavily. “Yeah, I guess so. He has to know at some point and better me to tell him before he finds out from someone else.”
“Okay, we’ll send him in. But not too long, you need your rest.” Rose patted Amy’s shoulder.
“I know, thanks mom.”

No more than a minute later Amy saw Ephram walk into her room.

Amy sighed, relieved to see him. “Hi, Ephram.”
Ephram pulled up a chair beside Amy’s bed and held her hand before speaking. “Hey, you gave us quite a scare today.” He held her hand.
“Yeah, me included.”
“How are you now?”
“I’m okay, for now. I’m not sure what will happen when the drugs wear off.”
“You’re strong, you’ll be okay. You just have to take it easy.”
“Ephram, that’s not the reason why I collapsed at the reception.” She could barely focus when Ephram’s brown eyes starring right into hers. “I was pregnant.”
“Was?” Ephram cleared his throat, swallowing the tears he knew were going to eventually stream down his face. “When did you know?” He started to hold her hand, as he could see it was trembling. “I didn’t know, I never took a test or anything. I should have looking back on it. I had what they call an ectopic pregnancy. It starts out normal but not everything goes as planned. I can still have children, but the chances of having another ectopic pregnancy are higher and a pregnancy would be more high risk.”
“But we can still have children, right?”
“Yeah…I can.”
“But what about us, we’re a team.”
“Ephram, what have we been doing this past few weeks? Playing house? Sure it’s been great, but, where does it lead us? Your life is in New York and my life is here.”
“I am moving back here, just like we agreed at your place. I’m moving back here or you can come with me to New York.”
“Everything just seems so simple when you’re here, I believe in every word you say that it all will work itself out.”
“Then I will move back here.”
“You have an amazing life in New York, Ephram. I can’t take that away from you.”
“It’s not that great, actually.”
“Normally you’re a terrible liar, but I’m so tired right now that I might actually be believing you.”
“Believe it.” He squeezed her hand, “I’m not going anywhere.”
Amy didn’t have anything else to say. “I’m going to try and get some sleep.”
“I’ll let you rest.” He placed a kiss on her forehead.

“How is she?”
“She’s good, just really tired. I told her I’d be back in the morning.”
“Yeah, Harold told me what happened. I’m really very sorry, Ephram.”
“Yeah, me too.”
“Where are you going?” Andy noticed Ephram walking away.
“Back to the house. Tomorrow’s a busy day, lots to do.”
“Anything I can help with.”
“Yeah, know of any good places that have free rent until I can find a place to stay?”
“What are you talking about?”
“I’m staying…in Everwood. I’m staying for Amy.”
“How does Amy feel about that?”
“I don’t think she knows that yet. We talked about it the other night, but I don’t think she remembers a lot of what’s going on right now. I didn’t want to spring everything on her in a day with everything that happened.”
“Since you need a place to stay, there just happens to be a place that does offer free room and board and an occasional breakfast.”
“Yeah, Nina makes a great omelet.”
“I was talking about my pancakes.”
“Dad, I love you, you have many talents…just cooking isn’t one of them.”
“You always ate my pancakes when we first move to Everwood.”
“Well, I only had one choice that made sense. Bad breakfast or starve, I chose not to starve.”
“Okay, just for that, you get to make dinner after Amy gets settled.”
“Yeah, I’d like that. See you at home.”

Andy could feel her right beside him as he sat on the porch swing. “He’s happier, I think.”
“Yes, he definitely is.” Julia commented.
“Is this what you were talking about, Ephram being in trouble?”
“I don’t know. I just get feelings, but nothing specific about what my family is going through. I felt darkness around Ephram. Now, not so much.”
“So you had to come visit to let me know.”
“Can I just pop in to spend just a little bit of time with my husband or do I really need a reason?”
“Of course not, visit anytime you want, except when…”
“I know, I get it, you have a wonderful woman in your life now. I like her, I really do. She keeps you on your toes.”
“She does, she’s exciting Julia.”
“Andy, when Ephram asks for my ring, give him my ring. I want Amy to wear it. I’ve been feeling her emotions. and she wants to take care of her relationship with Ephram as much as he wants to protect her. I don’t see either of them having any doubts. They are both ready for this.”
“I thought you could only feel your family.”
“Amy is Ephram’s family now, so she is my family, too.”
“You think he’s ready?”
“I can feel what he’s thinking and yes, Andy, our son is ready to get married.”
“I never thought I’d be able to have this conversation with you.”

Andy looked around when he didn’t hear Julia reply and noticed he was standing outside alone and realized the air was very cold and his body was shivering and he went inside.

“Where's Ephram?” Nina looked around when walking down the stairs.
“At the hospital.” Delia called out. She set a hot plate of pancakes in front of Nina. “Breakfast, it’s good for you.”
“Wait, aren’t you supposed to be blissfully happy in Italy with your new husband who, by the way, is absent as well this morning?”
“He’s packing some things. We settled on where we want to move and we made an offer on the Robins house.”
Nina placed her fork down gently. “I thought the point of getting married was to move out of your father’s house and be far, far away.”
“Yeah, but everything that happened with Amy reminded us it’s good to be close to home.”
“Sure, but right down the street?”
“Well, when we moved here from New York, I thought that was the house we were going to be living in, well, more hoped anyway. But dad settled on this house. It’s a great house, but I always admired this one from afar. And as you know, Mrs. Robins moved to a smaller house when Mr. Robins passed way.” She saw Nina nod. “Before the house could be put up for sale, Adam and I met with the realtor and made an offer.”
“Wow, swift move on your awesome husband’s part.”
“Yeah, he was really awesome.”
“So, when do you officially move in?”
“Anytime we want.” Delia shrugged, pouring syrup on her pancakes. “Mrs. Robins knows how important family is and is giving Adam and I all the time we need when she heard about Amy.”
“Things are just working out for you all over the place.”
Delia sighed. “I had a dream that mom came to visit me.”
“Oh, wow, what happened?”
“She said she really liked Adam. He reminded her of dad a little bit.”
“They say we marry a version of our parents.”
“She said she was happy that I have you in my life, as a mom and not just a friend.”
“I’m happy to have you too, as a daughter.” Nina finished the bite of her pancake. “When is Amy going to be coming home.”
“Sometime today, I think. They are just waiting on discharge papers.”
“I think dad said something about Ephram cooking dinner when Amy got home.”
“Ephram cooks?”
“Cooking as in putting a tv dinner in the microwave, yes.”
“Well, then we should help him out by going to the store.”
“And putting together the ingredients.”
“And possibly throwing them together in the oven.”
“And so it’s edible.”
“Yes, very important. Amy will love a nice, home cooked meal when she comes home.”

The ladies grabbed their bags and headed to their errands.

Andy filed his notes in with the other nurses’ discharge papers.

“Any more patients for me, Sally?”
The nurse nodded. “Nope, it’s all quiet.”
“If the hospital was this quiet I might do rounds more often. Today was good.”
“We will always welcome you, Doctor Brown.”
“I might just always accept.”
“Well, you announce you’re leaving and there goes the quiet.”
“What’s going on?”
“I’m not sure, patient in room three twenty tree, their monitor is going off.”
“Wait, isn’t that…” Andy checked the board. “Abbot, A….Amy.”

Andy ran towards Amy’s room, he found Ephram standing against the wall while everyone hovered over Amy.

“Ephram, what happened.”
“I don’t know. We were talking, she was laughing and then she started to have a headache and then monitors were going crazy and it’s like her eyes rolled back in her head.”

Andy looked at Amy’s chart and was reading her stats.

“She’s having a reaction to the medication we’re giving her.” Andy spoke loudly so everyone could hear him.. “Give her a round of lorazepam.”
“Dad, what’s going on?” Ephram cried out loud. “She’s not getting any better.”
“Please escort him to the waiting room.” Andy spoke directly to a nurse who did what he asked.. then focused on Amy. “What are we looking at?”

“Pressure is coming back up, but she’s still weak.”
“Okay, push a round of norepinephrine.”

A nurse injected a round into Amy’s medicine bag. Within minutes Amy’s stats and pressure were going up and her body was calming.

“Good work everyone.” Andy spoke and looked at the resident in charge. “Update me if anything changes.”

Amy was tired when she opened up her eyes, everything was a bit blurry at first.

“Close, he’s out in the waiting room.”
Amy smiled. “Hi, Doctor Brown.”
“Welcome back.”
“What happened?” She looked around, noticed time had passed on the clock.
Andy sat down beside her bed, clicking his pen closed. “You had a reaction to the medication we were giving you to relieve the pain.”
“What does that mean?”
“It means that you will have to stay in the hospital a few more days, so they can monitor you and make sure you don’t spike a fever again.”
“Will you be here?”
“I might be, but as Ephram’s father…not as your doctor. Your relationship with Ephram doesn’t allow me to be your official physician. I happened to be the doctor on call at the moment when your fever spiked due to the negative reaction.”
“Was Ephram here when it all happened?”
“Yes, he was. You gave him quite a scare, too.”
“He’s not the only one.”
“He’s waiting to see you, are you up for another visitor?”
“Not yet, I just want to figure things out first.”
“What is there to figure out?”
“If this is what I really want? Is this what Ephram really wants? Now every decision that Ephram makes to stay here I will wonder if it’s because I was pregnant and it’s like he feels obligated to stay. He has this life in New York and I have my life here. Geography is not in our favor.”
“Amy, I know my son better than he thinks I know him. He has loved you since the first day we landed in this small town of Everwood. I think you were the one who saved him from going totally crazy when everything wasn’t making sense quite yet. You have been given this second chance. No second chance is perfect. I know a lot about second chances and you don’t pass them up because you are unsure. And you definitely don’t pass them up because you’re scared.”
“That obvious?”
“No, but I come from experience.”
“So, what do I do?”
“I can’t tell you that, I don’t know what you should do. But I do know that Ephram has come to me a couple of times and has made it clear about what he sees as his future with you. And, from what he has said, you have no reason to worry that you won’t make him the happiest man alive.”
“So everything just fits, everything just works out?”
“Sometimes they do. It doesn’t seem possible or that it’s too good to be true, but sometimes things are easier then they seem.”
“Is that how it felt when you and Nina finally got together.”
“Yes, it did. I am lucky because I’ve been able to have two incredible women in my life. You get to have the same man twice in your life. If that’s not great luck, I don’t know what is.”
“Thanks, Doctor Brown.”
Before Andy got up, he spoke softly. “Amy, you almost gave me a grandchild…I think you can call me Andy.”

Nina looked up from her book.. “I thought you would have been home hours ago. Is everything okay at the hospital?”
“Yeah, Amy had spiked a fever from a negative reaction from the medication they were giving her. She’s okay now. Ephram is staying with her tonight.”
“The entire night?”
“The nurses found him an extra bed to sleep on in the room.”
Nina placed her book on the night stand. “Ephram called me when Amy spiked a fever and said you kicked him out of the room.”
Andy was midway through buttoning his shirt. “I didn’t…” Andy recalled the events of the evening. “Well yeah I did. But he couldn’t be in there, he’s too close to Amy.”
Nina raised an eyebrow. “And you’re not? You are Amy’s family. And Ephram is your son and we all know those two will eventually figure it out and get married and that makes you too close to her too.”
“I was on call.”
Nina laughed. “Liar.”
Andy made a face. “Well, Amy believed me.”
“Yeah, Amy doesn’t know you as well as I do.”
Andy climbed into bed, fixing himself against the pillows. “I feel like I owe both of them something. Ephram has fought so hard to be happy since his mother died and open up his heart again. I couldn’t save Colin for Amy or anyone else in this town. I feel like I owe it to her and her family to always be there.”
“So that is why you chose to pick up extra rotations as the same time Amy was admitted.”
“I thought it worked out pretty great.”
“Yes, it did. and you’re a genius.” Nina gave Andy a reassurance shoulder squeeze.
“What did Ephram say when he called you?” Andy paused. “After he said I ‘kicked him out the room’.”
“That he was really scared because Amy is his entire world and if they had been careful, none of this would’ve happened. He started to blame himself.”
“Wow, what did you say?”
“I think you should ask Ephram. He should be the one to tell you.”
“Okay, I’ll let him tell me…if he wants to.”
“Look at you, Andy Brown, being all trusting with your son.” Nina laid down in bed and turned her night stand light off.
“Yeah, that’s me, Mr. trustworthy.” Andy turned his nightstand light off and drifted off to sleep.

A week later, it seemed like the entire town had descended up on the Abbott house. Amy had been released from the hospital and was now home.

She was laying there trying to fall asleep when Harold came into her room.

“Is everyone still here?” Amy yawned, having a hard time keeping her eyes open.
“If you mean Ephram, yes, he’s still here. Bright and Hannah left a few hours ago. Katie and Ryan were getting tired and most of everyone has gone home for the evening.”
“For the evening, that means they’ll be back.” Amy had a chuckle.
“I think your mother made it fairly clear that you need your rest and coming back tomorrow wasn’t an option.”
“Wait to go mom.” Amy had a weak smile.
“She can be a warrior when it comes to her children.”
“I hope I’m like that when I become a mom…if it’ll ever happen.”
Harold took Amy’s hand. “You will be an amazing mother, Amy.”
“Well, apparently life had other plans.” She rubbed her flat stomach.
“Life does sometimes kick you when you least expect it. Remember when we found out your mother had cancer?” Amy nodded, listening to her father. “Well, you and Bright don’t know this but we thought we were pregnant again.” He saw the shock in Amy’s face. “Yeah, we really loved the idea of having another baby in the house. We thought it was possible with your mother feeling all the signs she had when she was pregnant with you and Bright. But then the tests came back and it was cancer.”
“But you got Lilly instead.”
“Yes, we did. She called from Europe to check on you. I don’t think your mother ever expected to hear one word from Lilly until she would return from her trip abroad.”
“How is her trip going?”
“She’s great, taking lots of pictures, spending lots of money on gifts for everyone I’m sure.”

Amy stayed silent while Harold took her pulse and listened to her breathing sounds.

“You are doing okay, everything feeling okay…truth?”
“Yeah, dad I’m doing just fine. I know that I was released against medical advice because I’m in the care of two doctors within a few steps away. I think the nurses told me that like ten times while I signed the form.”
“We all just want to make sure you don’t spike a fever again.”
“I’m trying not to. The meds are keeping me cool as a cucumber.”
Harold fixed Amy’s blanket. “Has Ephram been up here to see you?”
Amy sighed. “No, he hasn’t. Since our last conversation at the hospital, I don’t blame him.”
“What happened?”
“I, in not so many words, made it pretty clear I don’t see a future in us and I do, I really do. I think…honestly, I don’t know what I was thinking by having him believe otherwise.”
“What do you want? What does your heart want?”
“For him to stay in Everwood and we have this happy family, but now, I don’t know.”
“Why can’t you have that now.”
“Because I don’t know what we are. Are we dating or just having fun? We haven’t really been on a real date since he’s gotten back here. What makes anyone think it’s going to work out this time?”
“As long as you two believe it’s going to work, then it will. It doesn’t matter what your mother or I think or Ephram’s family thinks. It’s all about what’s in your heart and what Ephram feels is in his heart. Give him the benefit of the doubt, Amy. I don’t think you can find a better man than Ephram Brown.”
“I just wish there was this sign that we are meant to be together.”
“Well, how did he react he he found out you were pregnant, albeit after the miscarriage.”
“I don’t know, I was too focused on how I wasn’t going to be able to have another child.”
“You will be able to have children in the future Amy.”
“Just before getting discharged, Doctor Hammond said that ectopic pregnancies make it harder to conceive and then even harder to carry a baby to term. So it’s not looking good.”
“I know Buck Hammond, he’s an incredible physician. But he’s not perfect, that’s why it’s called practicing medicine. And medical advances are happening everyday. You just concentrate on you and let science do the rest.”
“I know, it’s just hard to think about having hope that everything will work out.”
“It will and I think you should talk to Ephram.”
“He doesn’t want to see me, dad.”
“He does, but you’re shutting him out and hew wants to give you space. Remember Amy, he lost a child too, a child he never knew about until after the child was gone.”

Amy had to admit, even if it was to herself, that she never thought about the idea of Ephram losing something too. Now knowing that she kept the news of her pregnancy from him made her feel just a little bit worse than she was before. All the emotions were drowning her and Amy quickly fell asleep.

Ephram placed the last dinner plate in the cabinet when Andy walked into the kitchen. “How come I always get stuck doing the dishes whenever there is a family dinner and you have a perfectly decent dishwasher that doesn’t get used enough.”
“That would be Nina’s doing. She does the dishes because it helps her think. One day the dishwasher wasn’t working so I followed her advice, ever since then, I hand wash. I get my best thinking done, sometimes even about my patients.”
“Yeah, well, no amount of thinking could ever make me want to wash dishes by hand.”
“Well, you might have some thinking to do soon.”
“What do you mean?”

Ephram turned around to see Andy sliding a ring box towards him on the kitchen counter.

“What’s this.”
Andy nodded towards the box. “I think you know what it is.”
Ephram opened up the box and saw his mother’s engagement ring. He could feel his eyes filling watering. “It’s mom’s ring.”
“Yeah, I figured this was the time that you have earned it.”
“But I haven’t done anything.”
“Exactly. You have given Amy the space she needs. Harold told me when Amy got home, you sat by her bed while she slept at night and were always gone before she woke up. You haven’t pushed her once and yet you’ve been there for her in every way that you can. That’s what a husband does, that’s what you have done.”
“She made it pretty clear that last time we spoke that…” Ephram cleared the lump in his throat. “That we didn’t have a future together. So now, I don’t know.”
“I cannot tell you how to live your life or how to communicate with Amy. You love her, you have history with her. Don’t let her forget that. Don’t let the pain wash away all the love you have for each other.”
Ephram studied his mother’s ring again. “You sure you’re okay with me having mom’s ring. I know how much she meant to you and…”

Andy walked closer to Ephram, placing his hand over Ephram’s shoulder.

“Your mother will always mean the world to me, I will never stop loving your mother. I see the way you look at Amy, it’s the same way I looked at your mother, everyday. You feel the same way about Amy as I felt about your mother…you want to take care of her and be there for her. I wanted the same things with your mother. Just do me a favor and be a better husband to Amy than I was to your mother.”
Ephram quickly wiped away a tear that fell on his cheek. “I’m sorry about all the crap I gave you about how you treated mom when we moved to Everwood.”
“You were angry and so was I. I wasn’t there for you or your mother…or for Delia. Some of your arguments were fair.”
“Now I just just have one more person to prove this to.”
Andy straightened up his posture. “Well, if it helps, having lunch with Harold usually smooths him over.”
“You’re just full of advice, aren’t you.” Ephram let out a nervous laugh.
“I work with the man, I have for years, I’ve gotten to know him pretty well. Now as for Rose Abbott…you’re on your own.” Andy patted him on back and walked towards the stairs. “Good luck.”

“Thanks, dad!”
I Love You
I Want To Spend The Rest of My Life With You
Trace & Abby
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