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★200,000 Posts Celebration!★ ~ We Did It!!!

★200,000 Posts Celebration!★ ~ We did it!

made by livstevi21

Why we love Tom Welling and this board

I can’t believe we’ve made it to 200K! It’s crazy to think I’ve
been posting on this board since 2010, nearly 9 years and have been a mod here
since 2013, that’s 6 years! During that time, I’ve seen the board go through several changes
with mods, co-mods, friends come and sadly go (real life outside forum life happens),
the board design revamped and much more. We’ve had our ups and downs, highs and lows.
It is difficult to determine when the board officially opened, as unfortunately many age old
threads and posts got lost in the early 2000’s, which happened to many boards across the forum.
But the posters and mods back then rebuilt the board and re-created the threads. So the board only goes back to 2004,
which is why we’ve never had an anniversary celebration. We didn’t know what date to celebrate!
This is why our posts celebrations are a huge deal. Our last celebration was back in 2013 with 150K, so it has been a while!
So much has happened since then. Tom returned to acting in 2013 with movies Parkland, 2014 with Draft Day, 2016 with The Choice
(also the year he joined social media instagram and Facebook - something we didn’t expect) and then back to TV with S3 of Lucifer in 2017!
And in 2018 thousands of fans finally had their dreams come true as Tom went on a immense Comic Con tour,
visiting cons all over the US, Australia, then London, Paris and Brazil.
We never had so much content and news to get so excited and post about in the same year!
It feels like our board had come to life again, especially as we’ve also has new members join us in the last couple of years.

I’ve been a fan of Tom Welling since May 2008 when I first discovered Smallville, which is nearly 11 years.
I don’t think I’ve been a fan of someone for so long before,
(though the same year, I discovered my favourite band Within Temptation and they’re still my favourite band today).
I love him for so many reasons. Talented and versatile, humble, funny, great actor, gorgeous, sexy beautiful - inside and out.
I still can’t believe I had the amazing opportunity to meet him last year at the London Film & Comic Con. They say never meet your idols,
but any tiny amount of idols I have had the fortune to meet have always met and exceeded my expectations and Tom is no exception.
He couldn’t have been more friendly and gracious, so down to earth and I came away admiring him more than ever.
I love this board so much and I can’t imagine my life without it. I love it because I can share my admiration of Tom
with fellow fans, who are awesome friends here. It is so much fun modding this board and I hope to
continue modding it for as long as I can - hopefully years to come. I am so proud of our little board and I am so
ecstatic to have reached this amazing goal - 200K! So cheers to 200,000 posts!
~ livstevi21 (Liv)

My name is Fatima, and I fell in love with Tom Welling when I first
saw Cheaper By The Dozen, back in December, 2003. After watching
Smallville shortly after in 2004, I haven't been able to stop thinking
about Tom in more ways than one. I followed Smallville almost from the
fourth season onwards to season five and pretty much weekly from
season six with the start of The CW. I am fortunate to have been there
for the start of Tom's film career as well as when Tom started working
behind the scenes with directing and producing, and I remember being
exceptionally thrilled when I heard about Tom Welling Productions! I
long to know everything about Tom and try my best to pay attention and
learn all! Mr. Tom Welling is the best looking guy in the whole wide
world, my role-model, The Man, and MY HERO!

I've always wanted to be a more active fan and participate in every
kind opportunity on the Internet. In 2016, from Twitter, I was asked
by Liv to help out at Fan Forum to save the "Tom Welling Message
Board" from being shutdown. In the past, there have been several times
where I have lost pretty much everything that had been set up when
Smallville was on air, so I didn't really want that to happen again.
In 2017, I was promoted to "Moderator". However, due to unforeseen
unfortunate circumstances, I was unable to maintain my position and
lost it in 2018. I still participate to the best of my ability on Fan Forum,
and I will continue to be a Tom Welling Fan FOREVER. ~ Fatima (tomsenough)

Back in 2001 or so i watched a show called Smallville ,I knew nothing about it ,
i saw this cute tall handsome dark haired that could run faster than a speeding
bullet and blow people's doors down , yeh ok he's got my attention,
he has me hooked now , he is a stud muffin , Smallville was the right role for Tom,
i am so glad he took it , he got better as the show continued , he went on to appear
in Lucifer , Om Goodness , Tom just keeps getting better and better
.. thats why i like him , love him , adore him etc, I met him in 2018,
When he came to Australia and yes he is even more adorable in person .
he is a Dad too, Thats awesome.
I am blessed to help run this Board , and helped make it to 200K, is like wow ,
Im happy to be here for this, I congratulate everyone for making this board hit 200K ,
its amazing ,Thank you all , Lets all celebrate 200,000 posts yay us ~ Leigh (scooty)

I may have not met him yet, but I love, wait I adore his sexy, handsome charm hands down!
He can be so friendly and very sweet. Did I say he's a hottie?
Sexual attractiveness aside, he's down right straight up guy and
a force to be reckoned with. ~
LadyofKenosha (Tunisia)










The 10 Year Challenge!
By Fatima (TomsEnough)

Favourite Videos/Clips/Memories/Fan Videos

Liv's (livstevi21)

Fatima's (tomsenough)

Leigh’s (scooty)

Tom Welling Celebration Gifs!

original gifs not made by us

We did it!

We did it!!!!!!

Within Temptation | Celebrating 200K at Tom Welling | Celebrating 250K at Disney
Met Tom Welling at London Film & Comic Con 26th & 27th July 2018 ~ He called me "so sweet"

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