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Moderator Application Process: How To Apply & Questions Answered - Jan 9th

Hi everyone!

What is a Moderator?
  • Moderators are members that have been entrusted to be the leaders on the forums here.
  • They are members that have been chosen due to their enthusiasm, leadership qualities, and their respect for their fellow posters.
  • They have proven themselves to have a solid history of posting on a variety of threads and a true interest in the whole board.
  • They can have an enormous influence on the message boards they moderate, and their contributions can determine if a forum is going to be a success here.

What does a Moderator do?
  • Close continuation threads after they've reached 300 posts and a new thread has been started.
  • Update Board Guides and other threads as necessary.
  • Start discussions and participate in the discussions on their boards as much as possible.
  • Post on their boards at least every other day and participate in a wide variety of topics.
  • Be approachable and professional, and try to answer posters' questions as quickly as possible.
  • Welcome newcomers, help resolve disputes between posters, and make sure that posters adhere to Fan Forum rules.
  • It's fine for moderators to be members of a ‘shipper’ group, but they need to deal with any issues that may arise on their boards in a fair and impartial manner.
  • Visit the Moderators Forum on a regular basis to stay informed and get to know other people in the moderator community.
  • Of course everybody needs time away, we just ask that you let us know in advance.

How do I apply to become a Moderator?
  • Send one e-mail for each board you are applying for (so if you are applying for two boards, send two separate emails) before 6:00 PM GMT on the deadline date.
    • You can only moderate 4 boards at at one time. At the discretion of the Moderator Managers, 5 boards may be permitted if the applicant has demonstrated the ability to balance their activity and involvement at each of their current boards.
    • You can only apply for a board that actually has a Moderator Opening announcement posted.
    • You must have been a registered member of Fan Forum for at least six months.
  • Send e-mails to This email account is easily accessible to all Moderator Managers. Please do not PM your application to an individual.
  • Please send each email with a subject line of Board Applied For - Your Displayed User Name (so if poster John_Smith applied to mod the music board, his email would have the subject "Music Board - John_Smith"), and include the following information:
    1.Your user name and any previous names with a link to your profile here at Fan Forum.

    2. Your age and gender.

    3. If you are a current moderator here, please indicate the message board or boards that you moderate. If you were a former moderator here, please indicate the message board or boards that you used to moderate. Your moderating activity and history will be verified.

    4. A few words describing why you want to be a moderator of the board you are applying for. Include why you love the board, why you post there and why you think you could be a good moderator. You're welcome to describe more if you feel inclined to do so.

A confirmation PM letting you know that we have received your application will be send to you within 24 hours. If you don't receive the PM, please send a Private Message to Cátia.

What perks are there to being a Moderator?
We recognize that moderators are volunteers here that are giving their time to help Fan Forum grow and thrive, therefore the position comes with a few perks!
  • Moderators are allowed to change their user names once a year.
  • They also receive increased Private Message space and the ability to send Private Messages to more people at one time.
  • They are able to edit thread opening posts at their board.
  • They can post without a time limit between posts at their board.
  • Most of all though, moderators get to lead the boards that they love and contribute to the success of their boards and to the success of Fan Forum itself.

If you want to help lead Fan Forum into the future and help make the board you love a success, we encourage you to submit an application and become a part of the Moderator Team here. At first it might seem like a lot to learn and that may be a little overwhelming, so we have a Moderator Mentoring process available if you'd like some help learning the ropes.

Moderator appointments are usually announced on the Sunday following the deadline.

We hope all this gives you a better idea of how the moderator application process works and what we expect. If not, ask in this thread or PM any Moderator Manager about any questions you may have.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Note: This thread should be restarted by a Moderator Manager. Thanks.
Please leave a link to the new thread, update the link in the templates for Mod Opening Announcements, and the link in the OP of the thread at Mod board.
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