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I got the sample of this to see what it was about because i thought the movie promo looked interesting... from what i read it was okay. Cheesey, but interesting. However, I didnt want to pay for the book so I went to wattpad to try to read the original version of the story and it was SO BAD!!!

Like obviously the book is edited HEAVILY. They basically re-wrote it for her because the original writing was so terrible. I got to the point in the OG where "harry" was throwing things around the house and I just had to stop. This dude was just insufferable.

I need to know, did they change him in the books to be less annoying because damn, how can people root for that???

With that said, the movie looks good and the actor that plays Hardin is super cute so I want to see it anyways but i hope they change stuff to make it make more sense. Because honestly, hes coming off as borderline abusive.
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