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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising (View Post)

Hi, dragonfire! Yeah, I understand they're trying to make Betty the Nancy Drew of the show, but this Farm storyline is boring. And Archie as Rocky Balboa? How about make him Phillip Marlowe to Jughead's Sam Spade?

Well, for right now I just want more Falice. I don't wanna think too far ahead to Charles Jones because we still don't know if Riverdale is even gonna do that. You know how long I waited for Pretty Little Liars to finally reveal the plot twist involving the twins? But instead of making Alison twin sisters, they made Spencer twin sisters instead.
What do you mean try? She's already the Nancy Drew of the show, but yes the farm is boring. Of course, it did bring back a storyline that I hope in the end will lead to the reveal of the real one. Well, not much in 3x17 but when you see it I think you'll get that vibe. I think we all want more Falice. As for Falice's Son? I think they'll, and I also think it'll be revealed at the end of S3.
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