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- The bridge has been blown up

- Pedro again?

- Hope not listening to Alaric of course


- MG to the rescue

- Landon but unfortunately got the artifact

- Frodo and go save her hobbit

- That's smart though getting himself taken by headless whatever its name is again

- The Twins

- Seeing the students fighting back

- DORAN didn't listen to Alaric

- I like this chick and hoping these two can get together

- Oh family legacy which is why she was involved

- Ok well Hope stops the artifact from going into the pit

- Josie took the what's his called from Alaric's office

- Oh wow the dark object was put in place by Alaric

- Leaving it up to the honor council on whether Alaric will remain Headmaster or not

- Always all the pop culture reference

- Hope with the "I love you" Oh the ILY's

- Hope's speech to Alaric


- Rafael is trapped in his wolf body though

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