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Originally Posted by Calgaryfan2006 (View Post)
Hey, I did have a good weekend
Hi, Chrissy! I'm glad you had a good weekend. Any plans for April?

Originally Posted by Make Them Laugh (View Post)
Lauren... yea...Ben is my fav. character on Gotham too

Alex...sorry you feel that way and the movie ruined Captain Marvel for you

quick fly-by...I'm getting stuff done today like food shopping and cleaning
Thanks, Dave. I think I gave you the backstory on Mar-Vell and Carol, so you know why I think Marvel wimped out on the movie. I really hate Hollywood.

I hope you got your shopping and cleaning done.

Bruce and Selina are still my favorite characters.

Originally Posted by dragonfire (View Post)
Yes, and I'm tired of us being baited/played with Falice by RAS. TBF we did get a bit of Falice in 3x15/50th episode.
So am I, dragonfire. Yes we did, but not nearly enough. And thanks for the link, but The Flash no longer deserves to be CW's highest rated show. Its ratings still aren't as good as they were back in season 1, and after Arrow goes I expect The Flash will as well. Yeah, I suppose Riverdale will be #1 after that, but will you still stick around to watch it at this rate?

Originally Posted by betty cooper (View Post)
i regret not doing an april fools joke here damn lol

dude ben mckenzie was the reason i checked out gotham in the first place haha

ok u let me know alex but ur captain marvel movie better include a ginger cat too that was the main thing that made me love captain marvel haha

marviel nice play on words dave haha
Hi, Lauren! I'm sorry. Yeah, you'd do great with April Fools jokes.

Bruce and Selina are the reason I wanted to watch Gotham, Lauren.

Okay, I will, Lauren. I'll post it to you on my day off. Of course there will be a cat. Mar-Vell will give it to Carol as a present.
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