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Yellow Curtains | [Isak ♥ Even] [NOR] #1: “I hope they live happily, make a lot of movies together, and adopt a child" - Henrik Holm

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Simon Spier
cry pretty
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"I'm just thinking about our future" - Isak
"Can't I just stay in here with you forever? Can I?" "You can"
"What happens after I save you?" "You'll save me right back"
"You're not alone" - Isak
"Let's play a game, it goes like this; it's called isak and even: minute by minute." - Isak
"I saw you on the first day of school" - Even
"You're the man of my dreams" - Isak
"I've never felt anything quite like this...ever" "Neither have I"
"Even is the best thing in my life" - Isak
"How many Isaks and Evens do you think are lying like this right now?" "Infinite."
"The tie is blue and I love you"
"I'm gonna make a movie about you." - Even
"Only you can feel what you feel" - Isak
"I'm going to make a movie about you" - Even
"The tie is blue and I love you" - Isak
"Happy Birthday Isak. Hope you liked the video. I love you"
"I want to do stuff together with you" - Isak

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eskimo kisses
yellow curtains
minute by minute
man of my dreams
evy & isak
pretty woman
romeo + juliet


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