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Originally Posted by perrygraham (View Post)
I will throw my money for a Sept. 3rd birthday
Originally Posted by CohenGal (View Post)
And I'll throw mine in for September 4th.
Haha, you guys, one of the official days is September 2nd (the other is in August). So we will see, if you get to share birthday

Originally Posted by CohenGal (View Post)
It's not my favorite play (and it's been replaced on my wall ), but it's by my favorite playwright, so you have a good memory!
I´m highfive-ing myself for remembering the poster

Christine - I saw Hamlet with Cumberbatch live in the cinema as well. It was really great.

And the Brexit, June really doesn´t seem like ideal time to visit Ireland, but it may as well be alright. Fingers crossed. We had bought plane tickets to Liverpool before we knew we were pregnant for this Easter so I´m watching out for the situation as well, even though we don´t know if we go yet, if its ok for the baby.

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