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Wow, I haven't been on ff in ages, good to see you're all still there.

Katka - congrats again, I'm glad everything is fine with the baby, hope everything goes well, I will throw my money for a Sept. 3rd birthday

Vale - I'm so sorry to hear that, hope everything will work out for you and Jay.

Claire - I heard that Sutton Foster and Hugh Jackman will be on Broadway next year and I was like, I need to go to NY again

I will go to London on Friday for a short trip to see Gillian Anderson's new play "All about Eve". I will take my mom, she's so excited. And phew, I am glad Brexit doesn't happen this week.

And on Tuesday I will start a new job, project manager for Allianz company. It's a huge step but I wasn't entirely happy with how I was taken for granted at my old job and how much I earned so I decided to take that step. I'm going to miss my colleagues so much though, they are the best.
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