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Originally Posted by valeposh (View Post)
We were supposed to have a baby this summer... but things unfortunately didn't move forward.
Oh no I always thought that "I don´t care if the baby is boy or a girl as long as it´s healthy" is pretty cliche line, at least until I was pregnant. Now nothing could be more true. Pregnancy is full of stress, at first you try to survive the first three months, where everyone tells you anything can happen and you can loose the baby, then the first screening, which in my case was positive on high risk on Down syndrom, more testing, more stress, luckily the final results were ok, all chromosomes are as they should be. Now I worry what I can expect from the next screening in two weeks where they will be looking for all the baby organs and their function. Weren´t our mommies happier when all this didn´t I´m so sorry you had to experience the worse part of it

And Im due late August/beginning of September. Already looking forward to the big tummy in the high summer heat

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