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Originally Posted by .bian.carsan. (View Post)
January174, WOWZA! Thank you for that script bit. I love the way it describes the kiss. I still get goosies watching it.
You're welcome!

Originally Posted by Jaime Bee (View Post)
January174 thanks so much for posting the script.
That kiss is exactly as described!
You're welcome!

Originally Posted by playgroundDiaries (View Post)
That was more special than I expected, honestly.
Yay I'm so glad you like it!!

It's nice to be able to share this with you guys who I know will truly appreciate it

First of all, the description of their thoughts/actions upon first seeing each other is spot on for what came across in the scene.

"... or at least she can't remember ever seeing it before." Are they implying that Dylan had looked at her with the same kind of feelings and intention before but she had been blind to it? Might be over-analyzing things, but that extra piece of the description did not have to be there and scripts are all about brevity.
Interesting! I'm not sure, I did watch the episode yesterday but have to rewatch the whole leadup in s5 to remember to exactly where the characters are at here. But you are right, usually everything in a script is there for a specific reason...hmm.

"There is recognition there. There is heat. And there is history." I'm glad that they didn't go with the inter-cut between extreme close-ups of their eyes. That would have been too much. Luke's shorter version of his lines are also better. "I've been thinking about you a lot and -- -- -- " It's like, 'Well, c'mon, you know!'

And of course the last line. I'm gonna choose to believe it's not a reference to their past and future lives, but just an assessment of how much he loves her, how much courage he's drawn up, and where the passion level is at.
Yes I'm glad about the no intercut of ECU either, they don't need it, and Luke's shorter really don't need it, it's just so powerful, simple, and passionate! I also noted how script says "Hello Kelly" and he says "Hello Kel" I just love that

I think the last line is just about their personal history in this life too...the passion

Also to note this script
Story by Charles Rosin and Larry Mollin
Teleplay by Charles Rosin
and Directed by.....Jason!
So we have Jason to thank for this great final cut scene and I'm sure Jennie and Luke definitely had their input too!

And then you get dessert, the sweet thing in the end." Jennie mouths 'oh my god' and cups her hands over her face.
I loved that he said that!

They're awfully handsy for waiting around on set between scenes. Really, it's the tie grab that's always made this bts pic memorable.
Oh my gosh I only just noticed her touching his tie! Oh my.....if we get any behind the scenes footage at all I would love to see some from this episode!

My "hell of a lot of tapes" turned into swapping out the books in my bookcase for VHS tapes, lol. And then, you know, stacks upon stacks on top of dressers, etc.
yep that's what it was like, I had lots of bookshelves of tapes and friends would come over and see and be like " you really like tv shows huh?"

You can actually still re-watch and have it feel really new. Oh, S5 is very good to Dylan and Kelly.
Yes I'm going to try, but it's like you guys were mentioning before, still feeling that anxiousness watching it as when you were a kid...Valerie really drives me crazy (the character, not Tiffani of course) I can't believe Dylan was with her and all the guys were falling for her lies...and she's so mean to Kelly I almost wish Brenda was there to tell her off because you know she would have done a good job of that Anyway I will brave through it because I do want to see more Dy/K, and it is always interesting for me each time I watch as I seem to gain new perspectives on it all.

Aw I didn't notice Jennie posted a heartbroken on that instagram post! I really love that pic of them too.

Sidenote I wish I had some s3 scripts with great Dylan/Kelly scenes, the only one I have is Duke's Bad Boy, I will do a quick check to see if there's anything good I missed.
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