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Of course. Let us know if you'd like to be added to the fan list. You can embed YT videos by copying the identifying letter/numbers in the URL that come after the equal sign and pasting it between [ YT ] and [ /YT ] (without the extra spaces I put in here so that a blank video wouldn't appear).

I'm gonna save the rest of my reply for the next post so its not too long.

Thanks ad infinitum.

Jennie responded to a Luke post by the @the9021bro guy and she also started following him.

It's interesting she's kept her remarks on Luke passing very brief.
Especially how so so close she was to him in life.

I think as BAG said its more painful for some of them. ( Few realise that with 90210 male co-stars after Jason, Luke was actually closest to BAG)

There were recent pics of her and she looks absolutely wrecked.

I think sweet posts like 90201bro and other outlets are a small way of trying to heal.
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