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Best of Joey Picking on Pacey Survivor

*Vote for your least favorite moment.
*You may vote only once per round.
*The moment will be eliminated when it has three votes or after a couple days.
All graphics are from Pacey and Joey Tumblr and Dawson's Creek Source, Dawsonscreek.tumblr, and/or belong to their respective owners

Round 2

1. 1x03 - Kiss

Pacey: Actually something a little sexy would be good, I gotta a maybe sorta date this evening.
Joey: Hmm, who's the lucky farm animal tonight?
Pacey: Ahh, What's that , what's that that makes a woman horny?
Joey: Your polar opposite?

2. 1x04 - Discovery

3. 1x06 - Baby

Joey: Hey, Jail bait.

4. 1x07 - Detention

5. 1x08 - Boyfriend

PACEY: Ooh Mellisa Fife, one o’clock. Girl of my dreams right there. How do I look?
JOEY: Like the ‘before’ picture in an ad for geek remover.
PACEY: Easy, doll. Jealousy’s not going to get you anywhere.

6. 1x10 - Double Date

Pacey: Boy, this is fascinating.
Joey: I'm sorry there are no cartoons to make this interesting for you, Pacey. But it's not designed to be fascinating. It's designed to be educational.

7. 1x10 - Double Date

Joey: So, let me get this straight. You tried to create some kind of snail ménage-à-trois.

8. 1x10 - Double Date

9. 1x13 - Decisions

10. 3x03 - None of the Above

Pacey: Okay, so tell me honestly: does it look that bad?
Joey: On your face, any reconstructive surgery whatsoever is a definite improvement.

11 3x04 - Home Movies

PACEY: Well, coming from a just-minded soul such as yourself, I’m sure your punishment will be nothing but fair, sir.
JOEY: Well thank you, Eddie Haskell.
PACEY: Where is your school spirit Josephine?
JOEY: I think I left it cowering in the bushes.
PACEY: Now that is a gross misconception. I hurled myself upon the flames of responsibility.
JOEY: I hope a deer tick crawled in your ear and laid eggs.

12. 3x06 - Secrets and Lies

13. 3x09 - Four To Tango

14. 3x15 - Crime and Punishment

15. 4x01 - Coming Home

16. 4x02 - Falling Down

Pacey: So, do they want to see you in the guidance office after school?
Joey: No.
Pacey: No. See, that right there is a bad sign. It means they're singling me out already.
Joey: Aw, don't worry, sweetie. They probably want to extend a hand and let you know that they're there to help you fulfill your destiny as the world's greatest gas station attendant.

17. 4x04 - Future Tense

18. 4x04 - Future Tense

19. 4x06 - Great Xpectations
Eliminated - Round 1

20. 4x09 - Kiss kiss bang bang

Pacey: Well, have you thought about hiring an escort? 'Cause from what I'm told you can't take me anywhere.
Joey: I called around, but they're all out of socially-presentable man-meat.
Pacey: Well, what if I just broke up with you, hmm? I mean, what would you do then?
Joey: Look, do what you have to do. You're still coming with me.

21. 4x15 - Four Stories

22. 6x14 - Clean and Sober.

JOEY: Well, don’t you look so glum. We’re talking about my sucky life. Yours is a success.

23. 6x14 - Clean and Sober

Joey: Lay one on me, Pace.

24. 6x15 - Castaways

Joey: Move it.

25. 6x17 - Sex and Violence

Pacey: Would you actually want to do it?
Joey: Well, you have to admit, Pace, I mean, it is perfect timing. I'm broke. We never see each other anymore.
Pacey: Yeah, but hangin' out by the coffee machine is not exactly a date, now, is it?
Joey: Who's kidding who, Pace? Now, we both know that the boss doesn't hang out by the coffee machine. That would be the assistant's job.

26. 6x24 - Must Come to an End

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