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Music videos, not episodes.

O/T - Why was Vincent Young there?
I know, I know … I appreciated James Eckhouse being in attendance infinitely more. You know, I'm not sure I've seen the whole video either, just the parts you talked about re: favorite couples. This is when I learned that Tori was a total Dylan/Kelly fan apparently (I think it goes beyond supporting Jennie, she like really became invested in the show as a viewer), and that makes me happy.

"And then you get dessert, the sweet thing in the end." Jennie mouths 'oh my god' and cups her hands over her face.

Jennie's reaction was funny to watch. I assumed it was in the light-hearted vein of, 'Hey, I'm right here, buddy. Rude much?' But I see what you're saying there about Tori knowing how Jennie feels about the couple and simple props for her work with Luke.

Jennie has flip-flopped our entire lives about favoring Dylan/Kelly or Brandon/Kelly and who was the better kisser. I think it mostly depends on which relationship she's playing out at the time and - most importantly - what she remembers of the old plotlines that day. She can drive me batty with her forgetfulness, but I think Luke has a much better recollection of things. … I mean, had.
Jennie clearly forgave him considering the backrubs she intermittently gave him for the rest of the session.
… Yeah, I really have to re-watch.

and she says something like well everyone knew about Luke and Jennie...or something like that
Yes, that was it.
and that was a behind the scenes pic wasn't it....although maybe they were "rehearsing"?
They're awfully handsy for waiting around on set between scenes. Really, it's the tie grab that's always made this bts pic memorable.

Yeah, the Cousin Bobby episode and Halloween established that Dylan was, in fact, still a guy and recognized Kelly was an attractive woman. Small little moments.

My "hell of a lot of tapes" turned into swapping out the books in my bookcase for VHS tapes, lol. And then, you know, stacks upon stacks on top of dressers, etc.
I did revisit the rest of the show a couple years ago but I admit I don't know it well at all compared to the first 4 seasons, as I've only seen each episode from s5 onwards once.
Each episode only once? Well, we should all be so lucky. You can actually still re-watch and have it feel really new. Oh, S5 is very good to Dylan and Kelly.

Agree completely with what you said about Luke's naming of his favorite couple, January. Not that he didn't truly appreciate the work he did with Shannen. I think he appreciated both relationships and working with both actresses in the overall picture. But the timing here … and yeah, who knows what he'd have said otherwise. Could go either way.
R.I.P. Luke


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