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Originally Posted by Jaime Bee (View Post)

I miss when we didn't have spoilers everywhere.

I knew Dylan would choose Kelly over Brenda b/c Dy/B had ran their course for the time being.

The story had to change in some way for a little while at least.

It was Dy/K's time!

I don't consider the spinoff Canon with orig. show.

Dy/K got married eventually & are still together.

That was what I felt would happen from the last episode.

Dy/K were endgame!
Jaime! I finally spell your name right.

January174, WOWZA! Thank you for that script bit. I love the way it describes the kiss. I still get goosies watching it. Thanks for the link as well guys.

Overall, that episode with the flashback was weird, but the ending was to die for.

plagroundDiaries, are those videos you're suggesting or are those episodes? I get what you mean about still feeling very strongly about the episodes after all these years. Until now, I feel knots in my stomach thinking about how it could have ended and hot it went wrong for so long before they found their way back to each other.

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