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That was more special than I expected, honestly.

First of all, the description of their thoughts/actions upon first seeing each other is spot on for what came across in the scene.

"... or at least she can't remember ever seeing it before." Are they implying that Dylan had looked at her with the same kind of feelings and intention before but she had been blind to it? Might be over-analyzing things, but that extra piece of the description did not have to be there and scripts are all about brevity.

"There is recognition there. There is heat. And there is history." I'm glad that they didn't go with the inter-cut between extreme close-ups of their eyes. That would have been too much. Luke's shorter version of his lines are also better. "I've been thinking about you a lot and -- -- -- " It's like, 'Well, c'mon, you know!'

And of course the last line. I'm gonna choose to believe it's not a reference to their past and future lives, but just an assessment of how much he loves her, how much courage he's drawn up, and where the passion level is at.

Bee, have you seen "All this time", "I Wanna Get Back With You", and "My Skin"? Those are some of the best IMO, the first two being more recent. Hehe, my nerves in S3 were unreal. And the fact that we still can tap into the feelings of anticipation and worry we felt as kids says a lot.

Thanks for the welcome guys
Of course. Let us know if you'd like to be added to the fan list. You can embed YT videos by copying the identifying letter/numbers in the URL that come after the equal sign and pasting it between [ YT ] and [ /YT ] (without the extra spaces I put in here so that a blank video wouldn't appear).

I'm gonna save the rest of my reply for the next post so its not too long.
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