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Originally Posted by .bian.carsan. (View Post)
Hi again, everyone! Been a while.

Had some free time and I ended up watching DK vids. I am loving all the conversation here especially in the last few pages.

Dylan & Kelly were my first OTP and I remember how at that time spoilers weren't much of a thing and our local TV station would air episodes months late. Oh, the nerves I had in S3 were plain funny. So glad it worked out for them in the end. As far as I'm concerned they're still together.

I miss when we didn't have spoilers everywhere.

I knew Dylan would choose Kelly over Brenda b/c Dy/B had ran their course for the time being.

The story had to change in some way for a little while at least.

It was Dy/K's time!

I don't consider the spinoff Canon with orig. show.

Dy/K got married eventually & are still together.

That was what I felt would happen from the last episode.

Dy/K were endgame!
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