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Love this pic so much! Luke/Jennie seemed to have a lot of fun together.
One of my fave pics as well.

and even then they had to make Kelly really put up a fight (meaning show resistance and anguish etc) so that the audience wouldn't dislike her for it, they really had to tread carefully etc
And this intention really came across on screen. I think they succeeded quite well. We were inside the POV of Dylan and/or Kelly for the longest.
I always had such love and respect for all the original characters. I liked Dylan and Brenda in the early years too and still have respect for them as a couple, there was just something about Kelly and Dylan though that really got me, so strong
Same, especially while watching original runs and reruns in the 90's.

i think it was the longing and pain Kelly went through and Dylan too in early season 3 that got me, and then when they finally did get together!! Explosions!
This end description is so cute. ! Explosions! And then … !! … But also so accurate for how it first felt. Like, mind. blown.

It might have been orchestrated behind the scenes from inorganic inspiration, but Kelly and Dylan had been developed in ways at that point, that exact point, that organically did allow for meaningful creative potential with their characters. We obviously didn't see it coming, but there was a hotbed of material if they wanted to use it. Thus the explosion.

Another interesting thing Karen Rosin said is that the triangle was based on people her husband Charles Rosin knew in high school, the guy fell in love with his girlfriends best friend and they got together and eventually married, she said they have been married 30 years and are still friends with the other person so there was some reality to the storyline.
That's very interesting! I had no idea. Incredibly good to know. I bet it helped them to sympathize with all the characters as they were writing the storyline out.

Yeah, I had checked out the podcast at one point but the hosts were a disappointment. Thanks for the link, though. Better you to navigate …

even Charles Rosin said Dylan would never just abandon his child.
On the podcast, I assume? Yeah. I feel the same way about the spinoff + an added essay on how awkwardly sad and pathetic it made Kelly 2.0 and Brenda 2.0 look to still be competitive about minor actions and stuck in this triangle like only a year has passed since 1994 and not 14. And who are they to kill off Jackie 2.0 for a cheap shot at some tears? (Which I didn't cry because, again, bizarro land)

#lukeperry #friendsforever #alwaysinherheart
It's hashtags like these that get to me.
R.I.P. Luke


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