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I don't count the spinoff either I thought it was terrible I didn't even make it through many episodes and just heard things they were doing....even Charles Rosin said Dylan would never just abandon his child. It's crazy that completely new writers can just try to takeover characters they had nothing to do with.
The only positive was that they had Jennie and Shannen and Tori some episodes but even still, it's bizarro land. It didn't have any original writers so as far as I see it it's a completely different show that i have no interest in

Jennie's IG with the butterflies!

This is the podcast if you want to hear this episode

but really beware the two hosts really don't like D/K and i've heard them say some not nice things about Jennie too so be careful, depending on the guest host they will be on their best behaviour so it's hit or miss per episode, but this one in particular was pretty good.
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