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Hi, Dave!

Yep, it was really warm today and yesterday! :sum: I didn't need an umbrella because it rained overnight when I wasn't out.

Originally Posted by stlavin95 (View Post)
That set makes me want to rewatch the Scooby Doo episode of SPN

That's great They have signed Steven Nelson from the Chiefs and Donte Moncrief from the Jags so far, think we are apparently looking at Justin Houston as well.. Not sure, April sometime I guess.

That sucks
Hi, Sam! Really? I didn't know SPN did a Scooby Doo episode.

Cool! Sounds like the Steelers are actually doing better than ESPN thinks they are. Good, I hope they get some good picks in the draft.

Yeah, well, my parents divorced and my dad had a lot of bad luck. I had a lot of bad luck as well.

Originally Posted by ♥true_crime_beauty64♥ (View Post)
It's just that you have that feeling that you need to start a new conversation. There is nothing wrong of how you worded it.

No. It's frome Scooby Doo on Zombie Island.

Well, you have no prediction of what is going to happen to somebody. I think it's the other person's fault, not his.

Some people are just crazy.
Hi, Mary! Oh, okay. I'm sorry. I'll switch topics.

Ah, thanks. I never saw that one.

Yeah, you do have a point about that. Yes, some people are just crazy. And I just finished that third one, and OMG, that woman needed to go to the police. That one just depresses me.

I'm glad you had a fun day. Sounds like you got a lot done. I'm sorry that you almost got run over. At least you're okay. I'm also glad you still have family that you can be with.

Well, I like both Red Robin and Olive Garden.
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