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Originally Posted by Wilpen (View Post)

Oh, dental stuff...

I am so screwed in this department right now...

I literally have about five teeth that are sensitive to cold and bothering me right now. I know 3/5 definitely need crowns and maybe root canals. It's also possible some may need to be pulled. I know my insurance will cover very little. I keep delaying going because 1) I despise the dentist and 2) I know it's going to cost a ton of money.

I don't understand why dental insurance is so poor in this country. Gum and tooth infections are serious and can kill you (in extreme, thankfully rare cases). It should be under medical but of course it's not and as a result it's so expensive.
That's so true. I need two crowns and my out of pocket is going to be over $1,900.00. My insurance hardly covered anything.
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