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Luke/Jennie looked so good together.

Originally Posted by January174 (View Post)
I know it makes me really upset when i hear people say such nasty things about her, it feels really unfair. I always had such love and respect for all the original characters. I liked Dylan and Brenda in the early years too and still have respect for them as a couple, there was just something about Kelly and Dylan though that really got me, so strong, i think it was the longing and pain Kelly went through and Dylan too in early season 3 that got me, and then when they finally did get together!! Explosions!

Another interesting thing Karen Rosin said is that the triangle was based on people her husband Charles Rosin knew in high school, the guy fell in love with his girlfriends best friend and they got together and eventually married, she said they have been married 30 years and are still friends with the other person so there was some reality to the storyline.

I found that really interesting!
Sadly there are always going to be haters of anything.

I find myself laughing at reasons that a lot come up with on all subjects.

It's not like Brenda was innocent.

She cheated on Dylan with Rick.

Season 1 Brenda admits she kissed her best friend's boyfriend to break them up.

I've never heard that podcast before. It sounds neat.

I don't count the spinoff & say Dy/K married just like the couple they were based on in RL.

Everything in the orig. finale pointed to Dy/K as endgame.

To answer your earlier question that's not my blog.

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