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Originally Posted by SouthernSweetieTX (View Post)
I’m going to look her up. We love a good comedian!
All you guys should give The Vicar of Dibley a try! It was a series she starred in in the mid-late 1900s. A friend recommended it back when it was airing on BBC America, and I loved it so much I ended up buying the box set. I went on YouTube to try to find a good clip, but I love the show so much I couldn't decide which one would be the best to help persuade you guys to watch. Haha. Here's one that shows off Dawn's physical comedic skills. It's just good for a giggle.

The folks you see cheering for her at the end are the rest of the main cast. It had a lot of famous guest stars though. The humor can get a little PG-13, even though it's set in a congregation in a small English town. So Kayla, while it would be fine for oldest minion, youngest minion might be too young for it.
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