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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising (View Post)
Hi, Mary! Oh, I'm sorry. Which part? Was it the way I worded things?

Thanks for the gifs! Are those from the new Scooby Doo mysteries where the monsters are real and there's no unmasking at the end? My nephew watched those when he was little.

I listened to the first story on that vid you linked me. That was more of a sad story than a scary one. That guy suffers from real guilt over not having stopped a murder when he had the chance. You think that was real?

Damn, that second one was brutal. Seriously, all that over a breakup? I'll get to the third one soon.
It's just that you have that feeling that you need to start a new conversation. There is nothing wrong of how you worded it.

No. It's frome Scooby Doo on Zombie Island.

Well, you have no prediction of what is going to happen to somebody. I think it's the other person's fault, not his.

Some people are just crazy.

I had a very fun day today. I went to the pharmacy, got my car serviced, got special colorized shampoo and conditioner for my newly dyed hair, visited a friend, took the friend and bf out to dinner, listened to scary stories, and then came home.

The bad side to today is that someone who didn't know what they were doing almost ran me over. Also I wanted to go to Red Robin today, but I ended up seeing my eldest brother, his girlfriend, and her kids go in today that we ended up going to Olive Garden. That would've been so uncomfortable.

Hi, Samuel.
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